What a week it was!  I relaxed, watched TV, and read a new book.  Lola followed me almost everywhere I went.  She is so sweet!

On Monday I did not leave the house until about noon because I was reading and watching TV.  And the only reason I left the house is because I had to go to the post office and do laundry.  I should have done those things on Saturday but I felt lazy that day.  I also did my run in the afternoon.  It was windy all day (23 mpg).

This was on Tuesday.

I ended March with 78.22 miles.  I was really hoping it would have been closer to 100 miles but I am still pleased with how I did.  I remember the month started off well but then I had days when I was just too tired and did not want to do my workouts.  Plus, there were many windy days and I just did not want to fight it.

Wednesday was Lola’s birthday.  No big celebration but she spent the day hanging out with me.

This book is so good!  Thanks Wendy for the suggestion.  I am kind of obsessed with Kara.  I’ve learned so much about the Gouchers from reading the book.

Yesterday I had to run 5 miles.  I really had no desire to run that long.  That sounds funny because 5 miles isn’t really that long.  I started off with 30 minutes and was feeling really good so I kept going.  However, my last mile felt hard because it was all headwind and I was tired.  Took it easy and walked as needed.

Today’s run was GREAT!  No wind and it was sunny.  I did overdress and I should have worn shorts.  It was the first time doing an All For One Run.  It was so good and perfect for a Sunday run.  This is one that I will definitely do again.  Check out that playlist!

Anyone else watched “Law and Order: Organized Crime”?  I watched parts of it because my mother was here and I was helping getting her ready for bed.  However, I watched it the next day on Hulu.  It was so good.  I cried.  Now I am watching “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” from the beginning.  I never watched it from the beginning and would randomly watch it on Saturdays since it is on all day.  

Overall, it was a great week.  I left the house a few times to do errands while taking it easy.  I would have liked to have traveled, but definitely enjoyed being at home.

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25 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Spring Break and windy days

  1. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your staycation! Looks like my first “trip” will be my Dad’s burial. Unless I get picked for jury duty. My life is strange . .

    You did great this week! Nice job & Happy Easter!

  2. Your week sounds great! I love the cat birthday pics- coincidentally we celebrated our cat’s birthday on Thursday! We put up decorations and had presents- obviously she had no idea what was going on, ha ha.
    Congratulations on continuing your streak! Hopefully April will be easier, weather-wise.

  3. Glad you had a good spring break! Hopefully now that the weather is starting to warm up it will be easier to get your miles in. Thats still great mileage for a tough month!

  4. I am with you on the wind. After a few weeks of consistent headwinds on long run day, I am OVER IT. Still it’s a big improvement from February when I was on the treadmill for the entire month.

  5. Happy birthday to Lola!! Leo’s first birthday was Monday! Who knew they had the same birthday week!

    Glad you had a good spring break even just staying home and being chill. It’s nice to just read and do what you want without any pressure.

    I wish we had SVU Organized Crime here! There were a few Americans I know here trying to figure out how to stream it haha! Maybe we’ll get it eventually.

  6. Happy birthday, Lola! What a cutie!

    I was never into Law & Order or SVU, or anything in that universe. I bet my stepdad watched it though.

    Love that you were able to relax and chill out!

  7. Sounds like a relaxing spring break. The wind was nuts though. I’m so happy it’s died down. Happy Birthday to Lola!

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