Happy Sunday!  The week does go by fast when you work for 3 days.  This week I took 2 well deserved days off.  But before I tell you about it, let me tell you about my runs.

I am on cloud nine because I had an awesome week of running.  My workouts were similar to last week – 4 days of easy/recovery runs and 3 days of speed workouts.

On Tuesday I did 4 miles and then 4 intervals each lasting 45 seconds with a one minute recovery.  Then I ran till I hit 5 miles.  I told my coach that I didn’t want to do the workout because I didn’t want to run 5 miles before work, but overall it was a great run.  It was even more fun with a 30 minute BHM: Motown Run.  Great music!

The past couple of weeks I did 1/4 intervals and this week it was 1/3 intervals.  It was a little longer which made me nervous.  I did 5 of them with the same distance in recovery.  Then I ended it with a half mile cool down.  Not only were the the splits faster than what my coach asked me to do, but they were all negative splits (11:02, 10:35, 10:08, 10:01, and 9:30).  😊

Yesterday I did the same workout from 2 weeks ago (6 miles with one 90 interval/90 recovery after each mile but stopping at 6 miles).  Splits from last week were 9:52, 9:46, 9:04, 8:35, and 8:53 and yesterday they were 9:16, 9:34, 8:56, 8:49, and 8:30.  I am making improvements!

Bitmoji ImageI took 3 bike classes and managed to get a PR in each one.  Normally I don’t start off a class hoping for a PR, but as the class progresses I then gauge if I can do it or not.  Sometimes I am so close and miss it by a few points but that is alright with me.  Tuesday’s 30 minute class was on the same day I ran 5 miles.  I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to do that long of a class on that day.  I was tired and my legs were sore too but am happy with how I did.

I know a bike class needs fun music for it to be even more fun.  I have bookmarked all of the 70s, 80s, 90s pop music, Latin, and Live DJ rides ranging from 15-60 minutes.  Total is 555 classes.  Now I wished there were more running classes with that type of music.

As you know I’ve been so frustrated at work.  Everything has been bothering me and I was getting very annoyed with my students.  I have 28 students and only 4 girls do the work and participate.  The others are quiet or don’t do much in class.  A few goof off or log in whenever they want.  One student told me that she does not know how to find the weekly schedule and the assignments.  We’re almost in May!!!  Plus, I had to give two ACCESS Test (Writing and Speaking) to two of my students.  Oh, and then we had a bus evacuation drill which I honestly thought was a waste of time.  I had to wait longer than necessary and why are we doing this drill?  No one is going on a field trip.  The school/district is worried about cross contamination, but yet I was in a bus with 2 other teachers and 4 students that are not in my room (one is a sibling to one of my students).  All of this took time away from my other students since I had to give them asynchronous work while all of this was happening.

I was off Thursday and Friday.  It felt good to be off.  I caught up on reading blog posts and watched Grey’s Anatomy.  My coworkers kept me updated on what was happening at school.  On Friday one of them subbed for my class.  However, there was a room supervisor in my room because one of my students was there.  (You are probably wondering why that student was not in the other teacher’s classroom.  Students are “not allowed” to go to another teacher’s room.  Let me just say that everything about this is messed up).  I had told mom that I was not going to be in school hoping that she would keep him home.  She didn’t.  Apparently that student was eating in the classroom.  No!  We do not eat in the classroom, especially during class time.  I got really annoyed with his mom for sending him to school with food.  I won’t see him again till Wednesday and will ask him what happened.  Oh, and I decided to take off 2 more days the following week.  I joke with my coworkers that I have enough sick days to take the rest of the year off.  We have 30 more work days to go!

Matty asked this question in his class.  Which group do you vote for, The Temptations or The Four Tops?  My vote is for The Temptations.

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27 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Some new PRs and a few days off

  1. I have Matty’s Motown run bookmarked – I’m looking forward to taking it! I find that he has a gift for selecting the best songs for his playlists.

    I’m glad that you were able to take off some time at the end of the week. You’ve been through so much this past school year and things have been so stressful. You need that time to rest and relax – you’ve more than earned it!

  2. Sorry to hear about the stress at work, hoping that gets better. Summer is not too far away.

    Great job on your workouts and runs! You are getting stronger! Awesome Zenaida!

  3. I hear you! According to my husband, teaching is really sucking the big one right now. And the things I hear from my kids… my daughter is in school (6th grade) and they do all their work on Chrome books, and the kids watch Youtube videos during class. The teacher isn’t supposed to move around the room much for safety reasons, so…
    My son is in high school and doing school virtually, and they amuse themselves by playing tricks on the teachers. I can’t even imagine how awful it is.
    On a positive note, sounds like your running is going great! Hang in there! You can do 30 more days and then it will all be over!

    • I feel like my kids are being punished for not knowing how to type in order to do their assignments. Everything must be one on their Chromebook. Haha, I am glad my students are young and don’t play tricks on me. 🙂

  4. So glad that you’re getting a little breather from work! I bet you’re fantasizing about taking all those 30 days off — but of course you need them to travel).

    Congrats on your PRs! And all your speedy runs!

  5. So sorry for the continuous frustrations with your work. I just don’t get how the parents aren’t more involved with their children’s well-being and education? But, stay strong…the end is in sight 😉 Great week of running, though! Congrats on the PR’s!

  6. Sounds like the school situation is so frustrating! i can’t imagine what it will be like in the next school year trying to get everyone back on track. What a year, right? i hope you enjoyed your days off.

  7. Great week of running for you and hooray for progress! That’s what happens when you keep showing up! 😀 Sorry school is so frustrating for you right now. My younger daughter is just about wrapping up her first month of all-day every-day in person learning and she LOVES it and is doing SO well. The social interaction and structure are exactly what she needed.

    • Thanks for the support and encouragement! I am so glad your daughter is loving school. I would have liked to have more students in my classroom and no online teaching. And yes students do need now the social interaction and structure.

  8. First, Cloud 9 is a great place to be. I’m so happy your running is going so well.

    Take as many days as you can. I can only imagine how frustrated and annoyed you must be with everything going on. I am so excited for A to go back to school next year, and I hope our teachers are doing well. It’s so hard for them.

  9. nice work with your running Zenaida!!! And congrats on the PR’s! I’m glad you took a couple of days off, I really think you needed it. Hang in there – summer break is around the corner.

  10. I’m sorry school is so frustrating. We are in the home stretch now, and hopefully it’s going to end on a good note! I enjoy hearing about your successes at running these days. Great stuff!! Working 3 days a week really is a nice gig.

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