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I’ve been running on my own for the past couple of years.  I like it and will write about it next week.  However, I’ve run with a group as well.  There are benefits for both.  This week I will write about running with a group.


➡️ Motivate each other.  I ran with CARA while training for my first marathon.  The runners and pace leaders were wonderful.  I remember a couple of runners in my group were also training for their first marathon.  We all motivated and encouraged each other.  I also remember that during the marathon my feet were hurting a lot and I wanted to quit.  Two runners that I trained with and were also running the marathon with me told me not to quit and to keep going.  I did not quit.  Glad I listened to them.  🙂

➡️ Accountability.  When you know others will be waiting for you at your set location, you will not be tempted to miss/skip your run.  I have paced several training groups and it was very important for me to show up because I knew others were counting on me to be there.  

➡️ Safety.  If anything were to happen to you, at least you will have someone to make sure you’re OK.  One time I was running with a friend and I fell.  Luckily it wasn’t serious and she helped me get up and made sure I was OK.  Then I think I cried and then laughed.  She laughed with me too.     

➡️ Social networking.  When you run with a group you meet other individuals with the same interests.  You will make new friends.  There will be fun events to go to and more fun things to do.  I love reading Darlene’s posts because she always does many fun things with her running friends.   

Do you prefer to run with a group or solo?


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12 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Benefits of running with a group

  1. Yes to all of these points!
    I love running in a group. In fact, I generally love being together with runners because there’s always something interesting to talk about.
    Particularly on long runs it helps to have people with you – time flies by much faster that way.

  2. That’s for the mention. I agree with all the benefits that you mentioned.

    I feel lucky to be part of a group. And to be able to join other groups in the summer.

    I do wish I had a group to train for my marathon. But it was in NYC and I don’t live there. Cari was lucky with that.

  3. Agree with everything that you mentioned, especially social networking as it’s a such a great benefit that comes from running with others.

  4. I am all about my run squad! The motivate me, encourage me to sign up for challenges I never thought I would do and they have become my best friends. A gift I will always treasure

  5. The safety aspect is a good point. When it’s hot I like to start my long runs in the dark, and I’m always thinking I should have a group (or a dog!) to run with.

    • I know what you mean. A few times I met some friends at 4am to run along the lakefront. No way would I have gone that early alone but I had to because it was a hot day that day.

  6. It’s funny I don’t really think about the safety factor, but it’s true, there’s one part of our bike path that I really love but I don’t run it since I’m on my own.

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