Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is doing well.  It is getting hot here in Chicago.  I have my days when I like it and other days when I don’t.  Regardless, I am still out there running.  Today is day #329 of my runstreak.

I know there are more than 5 gross things runners do.  But for this post, I will limit it to 5.  Feel free to add more in the comments!

😮 Stay in running clothes all day long.  I know it isn’t always possible to shower after a run.  However, I simply cannot imagine staying in sweaty and smelly clothes (I know not everyone may sweat or smell) the rest of the day.  I smell and sweat a lot!  When I get home after a run, I either eat first or shower.  I remember one time that I did not shower after my run.  I cannot remember the reason but do remember that I was assembling a desk from IKEA.  Friends invited me out to eat and I didn’t go because I wanted to finish the desk.  

😮 Pop blisters.  I have done this.  I know I am not supposed to but for some weird reason the blister hurts less when I pop it.  When I ran the RunDisney Goofy Challenge a few years ago, I got two blood blisters.  I had a flight to catch and knew I would be very uncomfortable if I left it alone.  

😮 Snot rockets.  All I can say is that I don’t do it and haven’t been behind anyone that did this.  GROSS!

😮 Pee along the course.  I have seen mostly men do this.  I remember once during either the Chicago Marathon or the Shamrock Shuffle, there was a line of men peeing on the side of the course.  I am not justifying what they did but I do know that we all had to wait close to or over an hour in line before we could start running.

😮 Peel off dead toenails.  I’ve only had one black toenail and it took a while for it to separate from my toe.  It was completely separate but still somewhat attached.  I thought it would hurt more if I left it to fall off on its own.  So, I took my nail clipper and removed it.

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18 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 gross things runners do

  1. Watching runners do snot rockets or huge spitting on a course really grosses me out. Pull over and have some manners people! Maybe covid will have people rethinking that! I never stay in my workout clothes as that is a recipe for all kinds of issues for me!

  2. These are not as gross as I thought lol

    Spitting is another gross one.

    I have to say I do #1 all the time.

  3. I CAN’T STAND staying in sweaty running clothes, and I can’t figure out how people do it. There’s no version of reality where I can’t at least quickly rinse off and change.
    i have to confess that I’ve peed in some pretty strange places… never along the race course though!

  4. The snot rockets are a big no for me too!! And not showering – it’s the stickiness for me. If I don’t shower after a run, I just feel very sticky and uncomfortable! The peeing on the side of the road — I am so envious!!! LOL. Goodness, it’s gross but there are so many times when I’ve thought, I wish I was a guy and could just go when I wanted to!

  5. Good thing I wasn’t eating! I am not always able to shower right away, but I usually use shower wipes and absolutely change my clothes! I cannot stay in those sweaty clothes because I sweat a lot too.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually peeing alongside the course. Thankfully! Or throwing up for that matter — that’s pretty gross too & it does happen!

    • I haven’t see the blisters but have seen videos of people popping pimples on Facebook. Not sure how those showed up on my feed but now they don’t anymore.

  6. I runfess that I have done all of these LOL, discreetly. Hey a runners got to do…. 😉

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