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OK, so I don’t really have a home gym.  The only exercise equipment I have in my living room is my Peloton bike.  It isn’t a big room and I know it is a little messy and crowded.  My nephew was in town and that is why I have a mattress in the living room.  He left on Sunday but the mattress is still there.  I know.  I know.  I need to move it and I will.  🙂

However, let me tell what my ideal gym would be like.  Besides the Peloton bike I would add the following:

🟣 Peloton Tread-I know I can get a different treadmill but I really want this one.  Not sure exactly which one from the two.  Thoughts?

🟣 Yoga mat

🟣 Dumbbells

🟣 Rowing machine-This one is not a must have but would be nice.

🟣 Kettlebell

🟣 Jump ropeI bought this one after Wendy mentioned it in a post.

🟣 Medicine ball

What else do I need?  One of the first things I will do when I buy a house is to set up a home gym.  Cannot wait!

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17 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My home gym

  1. So cool that you have a Peloton bike! I hope you will find your new house soon!

    There are three things I use every day: a mat, dumbbells and a mini rubber loop band that I place around the thighs, ankles and arms.
    A jump rope is a good idea – a very small tool but so effective. I should get one.

  2. You already know I’ll throw in my vote for the Peloton Tread 🙂 I have the Tread+ and I really like it. My only complaint is that it’s a little noisy but the run feels so smooth because of the belt.

    • I think the Tread+ also has a bigger screen? I would love to try out both of them just to get a better idea. I went to the store on Wednesday and of course no treads there.

  3. Oh, I am “glad” to see that someone else has their bike in their living room… LOL because that’s all the space I have right now. I wish I had a dedicated workout room though. That would be nice.

  4. Medicine balls are surprisingly versatile! You’re fortunate to have room for a Peloton, even if you feel it’s ‘tight.’ Priorities, right 🙂

  5. I was very surprised how much I love our elliptical (“gifted” to us from the sis-in-law, due to all the dust it was collecting LOL). It’s such a great cardio workout on my non-running days, and is ideal for watching tv because it’s so quiet. That said, it would probably be kinda boring if it was on its own with nothing to view for entertainment.

    • I forgot about the elliptical! I know people complain about the treadmill that they get bored. That is how I feel about the elliptical. I do know it is a great exercise equipment but one I can do without. But if I get one as a gift then I will not say no. 🙂

  6. I think one of the things I like the most about our basement gym is having a big mirror on the wall! I picked up two of them from a neighbor who put them in the trash after remodeling their bathrooms, and I have one more from our bathroom remodel! It’s so helpful to watch my form. The mirror doesn’t even show my head due to it’s size, and that’s even better because most days I’m looking pretty rough when I work out in the AM. 🙂

  7. Ha ha, I love how the mattress is still in the middle of your living room- that would totally be me as well!
    A rowing machine would be amazing to have- such great cross training! i also wish I had more space because I don’t have a specific room designated for a gym- I just move my mat and weights around to whatever room is convenient.

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