With no plan to follow, I ran what I felt like running.  Most days I picked a 20 minute Peloton run and did that.  I also did a few Peloton bike classes and also added some walks to my week.  The last time I took a bike class was in June.

I saw another cat that wanted to come home with me.  I don’t think Lola would be happy about it.  She still hisses whenever Mateo is around her.

I spent time on the balcony and finished reading my book.  Thanks to Wendy’s post, now I have a couple more to add to my reading list.

I needed more wine when I read this paragraph.  

I am thinking of changing the format of posting my weekly activities, but for now don’t know how, so just bear with me while I figure it out.  🙂

Monday was all about the 80s.  I miss Cody and enjoyed the class.

Tuesday was all about Latin music.  Fun classes! 

The rest of the week was all 80s and Latin music.  Those two are my favorite.  The instructor and the music is what I look for in a class.  The two with a checkmark are the ones that I enjoyed the most.  I love Ally’s excitement in class and she is so much fun to have around.

Today was a 20 minute pop run with Matty and a 30 minute ride with Cody.  Great music in both classes.  I know I am late to the party here but lately I have been hearing a lot of the song “Let’s Get Loud” by JLo in a few Peloton classes.  Now, I am NOT a big fan of her, but do like the song.  

I know I said I was not going to buy running shoes, but when I saw these I knew I had to get them.  Cute and comfortable!

On Thursday I went to school to start setting up my room.  I walked in and didn’t know where to start.  It doesn’t look as bad as in previous years, but it still felt overwhelming.  Remember this is a new classroom for me and last year I did not set it up because it was still remote learning.

I do not want to move the desks until I have a better idea of how many students I will have (as of now it is 21).  Also, I think administration needs to set them up and space them out due to social distancing.  Not sure how I will fit that many desks while keeping them apart. 

I worked on my bulletin boards and organized my file cabinet and the inside of my desk.  I am planning to go this week again and hopefully do the bulk of it.  I still need to put up the classroom rules, alphabet, number line, etc.  The rest I can finish when I start school and I know my schedule and how a day with students will look like.  Also, I do not want to go the last week of Summer Break (August 16th).

My sister usually goes with me to help out, but now due to Covid, no one else is allowed to go in.  Anyone has a magic wand I can borrow?  I promise to return it quickly!  

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26 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Easy miles and setting up my room

  1. I love how you had themes for your peloton workouts! Good decision not to try to set up the desks yet. I think schools around here have given up on spacing kids out, but are going to try to mandate masks …

    • It was fun coordinating the activities with the themes. Another good one is disco. I set up my desks already and hopefully won’t get more students cause it will be tight. 😬

  2. Hope the room set up goes ok! I’m sure that will be hard to fit all the desks while keeping them distant. Does your school have a virtual option? Our system gave students the option to join a virtual learning program but they had to decide by early July. Now they can’t switch, and so much has changed with going back to masks and the numbers going up so who knows what will happen.

    • My District is not offering virtual. All students are expected to return to the classroom. There are so many questions but no clear answers on what to do in case someone does get sick. I guess we’ll find out in the next couple of days.

  3. One of my daughters had that J-Lo song in one of her recital dances (years ago)…it is a great song! I’m of the 80’s era, so I love all 80’s music. I’d probably pick those classes, too, if I was dong the Peloton thing 😉

  4. All the best with the rest of your classroom setup! So exciting! When I was growing up, there was an elementary school at the end of our block and I loved riding my bike over there and seeing the teachers getting ready for the new school year. Funny how that kitty gravitates to you!

    • Setting up can be fun. A new school year and new students is exciting! There are so many unknown things and expectations right now that many are not motivated to set up. Plus, who wants to give up their free time to set up a room?

  5. I love your new sneakers from Brooks! They always have the best patterns/designs. How did you like the garlic naan crackers? They look yummy!

    You can never go wrong with picking Cody for a bike ride – he always cracks me up, lol.

    • A class with Cody is needed when it’s been a crappy day and you need someone to make you laugh and smirk. Or when you just want to laugh. Darn Brooks for coming up with a cool design! Let’s hope it is the last one for a while. 😉😉

  6. For everyone’s sake, I hope school isn’t too odd this year. We have been told that the kids will need to wear masks, but nothing is being said about afterschool sports and activities. I hope your classroom set up goes well! You are off to a good start. It looks great!

  7. i love your enthusiasm! Your students are lucky to have you. i hope this school year goes… well… if that’s possible. Our kids start on Tuesday (ugh.). No virtual learning for us, and our governor has forbidden mask mandates for the schools. So… yeah. Should be quite a year!
    Nice job on keeping your streak alive once again. Sounds like you had some fun workouts!

  8. You are a cat magnet.

    Cute shoes.

    Must be so relaxing after your streak to run what and whenever.

    Can’t believe it’s august already.

    • I was thinking that maybe I should have a goal or train for a race. However, that would mean training and/or racing during the Winter. Also, who knows about the future of races.

  9. You are not the only one late to the Peloton bandwagon – I haven’t even tried it yet.

    Hope your classroom setup goes well. Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out the first step.

    • Almost done setting up and I agree that the first step was the hardest. Things fell into place once I moved things around and had an idea of how I wanted it to look. Of course it might change once kids are in the classroom.

  10. Your room is going to look great, wand or not! How are you feeling about going back in?

    It’s amazing how we as women have to hear things like that from people in power. Disgusting. I would have needed more wine, too.

  11. Sounds like a mostly good week. I really hope the school year this year is a lot better for you! Crossing my fingers that your student number stays low.

    I love petting cats when I’m out & about since I no longer have any, but there aren’t too many that roam free anymore (which is a good thing, IMHO).

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