Another easy and relaxing week of running.  No plan to follow but just run whatever I wanted.  The heat and humidity was not fun at all.  Thankfully it cooled down and made the runs feel much better.  We opened the windows and turned off the AC.  

Most of my runs this week were done in the afternoon.  Not sure why I didn’t go in the morning before going to school to set up my room.  I did a bike class Monday and Tuesday but then had no energy the rest of the week.  I took the Elvis run but didn’t like it too much.  I like his music but I think I recognized 1 or 2 songs.  I did enjoy the 90s Run and definitely the 80s pop ride!  His class had a 12 minute warmup which I thought was strange.  Denis is another favorite after Cody.

I don’t know what happened but I swear I took a run class on Friday, but it does not show up on my list.  My goal was to take at least one class for one year (beginning in February when I renewed my membership).  Well, at least it still counts for the streak.

This week I will continue running however long I want to.  August 28th will be 365 days so that will be the last day of my run streak.  Maybe I should just finish the month!  I did good these past 3 days running between 45 minutes to an hour.  We are supposed to have cooler weather so I am happy about that.

This week I went to set up my room (Monday-Wednesday).  I am not done and will go tomorrow just to finish up some last minute things.  The rest will have to wait the following week.  We start on the 23rd and students start on the 25th.  I do not feel ready because I will have a new language arts curriculum (for dual language) and a new math curriculum.  I am supposed to have a wall for Spanish items/ words, another one for English, and a third one for both English and Spanish.  I am happy that Math will be taught in English but now will need to get resources in English since a lot of what I have are in Spanish.  <<No problem with my TpT donations!

We were told that the District will not allow us to have individual student barriers.  However, the office staff has them and the library has them as well.  I asked the Principal if teachers could have one and she has not responded.  You know I hate it when people do not respond to emails.  With one week to go before school starts, there are still many questions that need to be answered.  I received a summons for jury duty for September 1st.  I want to know if another teacher can take my class or will the District get a substitute teacher for me.  I am hoping that I do not have to go at all.  

Thanks for reading and I will leave you with some photos of my cats.  Mateo enjoys being in the balcony more than Lola.  Check out his tongue!  

Guess who was first on the bed?  With so many places in the apartment, I don’t know why they chose to sleep on my bed.

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26 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Still enjoying Summer break and photos of my cats

  1. I bet it’s nice to mix up your workouts a bit more. Sometimes just running is what you need to get you out of a run slump. Have a great week

  2. Ooh, I’d be scared about Mateo jumping off! The photo of them back to back is funny.

    Good luck with the school district & the jury duty. I got a summons back in april to fill out a survey for federal jury duty (and I loathe jury duty), but I never heard anything back so I’m guessing they either didn’t have a case or didn’t pick me (and they always pick me!).

  3. Hard to believe you streak anniversary is almost here! You’ve done great keeping that going 😉

  4. Always nice to mix up workouts! I have noticed that Denis and Matt will sometimes have longer warm-ups for their rides. I’m not sure of the reason behind it though.

    I can’t believe that school starts so soon! I hope that you will get answers to your questions soon – like tomorrow!

  5. Is that what you call “kitty corner”? 😉 So cute! Which class had the long warm-up? I usually try to avoid those. 😉
    Good luck getting ready for school to start!

  6. School prep already? Sorry about that. I have never actually got picked to serve on a jury. I’d like to.

    Congrats on the streak. It was a hot week. This week seems better.

    Love your cat pix.

    • It amazes me that we need to be ready for Wednesday with the students but don’t really get much time to set it up. I saw the agenda for the two Institute Days and they’re mostly meetings.

  7. Those pictures of your cats are so cute!!! I wish my cats would sleep together like that- they don’t like each other most of the time.
    With everything else going on I can’t believe you got called for jury duty! Just a little something extra to make things more crazy.
    Good job on the streak- it’s almost over!

  8. All the best with these final weeks of your run streak. Impressive! That’s such a cute pic of Mateo! Wow the timing of your jury duty is the worst. I remember being called when my kids were toddlers and it was a mad scramble to find childcare, but the jury people could not have cared less. Ugh.

  9. That always cracks me up when our cat’s tongue gets stuck like that. The routine at my house is the cat sleeps between my ankles. It’s such a comforting feeling, until I move at 4am and then she is rudely awoken… and pesters me. Good luck on the start of school!

  10. It certainly looks like Mateo is enjoying his nap on the balcony. And that tongue!

    I hope you get all of your questions answered and have a great school year! Congrats on closing in on your run streak!

  11. Hopefully you don’t have to go to jury duty! I’m sure thats not an ideal time as school is just starting up. I also hope you get your questions answered soon. Congrats on almost making it to your 1 year run streak!

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