It’s the same song this week.  Running and more running.  It was also humid and yucky.  Honestly, I do not remember too much about them so this post will be short.  It is day #359 of my run streak.

Friday morning I was thinking about how it was my last Friday of summer break.  I didn’t do everything I had on my list but that is OK.  The main thing is I enjoyed it and relaxed.  I was also frustrated and annoyed because of some school stuff.  A fun run with Matty did make me laugh.  I have taken this class before but there aren’t a lot of classes left to take (with the instructors and music that I like) so I will be repeating a few of them.

I did feel better on Saturday during my run.  It was warm and humid and I walked the rest of the way home after the 4th mile.  My last mile was my fastest which surprised me.  

I went back to school on Monday to finish setting up.  There was nothing more I can do there since I don’t have a printer that works.  Plus, I am not sure what to expect this year with various new curriculums, rules, and expectations.  

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that on Wednesday they were filming Chicago PD very close to my house.  Some of the streets were closed off beginning Tuesday night for the crew to park their vans.  I did go out the next day to check it out and saw Jay and Hailey.

Mateo rarely hangs out with me (he prefers my mother) so it was nice to have him cuddle with me.

I also got a haircut!  I asked the hairdresser to cut off 2 inches and to make some layers.  My last haircut was during the end of June.  My hair grows fast!  Left photo is from June and right is from Friday.

Wish me luck this week!  Monday and Tuesday are all meetings and then the students start on Wednesday.

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24 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Last week of Summer Break and 359 days

  1. Your hair looks great! Good luck with your return to school this week! That’s so sad to realize your 2nd graders have only had school years impacted by COVID.

  2. Cute haircut!

    So cool to have Chicago PD getting filmed near you! I love it. What neighborhood are you in? I need to run the Chicago marathon again someday, I loved how you got to see so much of the city.

    • I live in Archer Heights which is close to Midway Airport. Yes, come back and run the marathon again. We have a Oiselle corner where we cheer for all of the runners.

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! It should be an interesting school year.
    You’re so close to the end of your streak! I’ll be interested to hear how you feel after it’s all over. A year is a long time.

  4. Very cool on Chicago PD! Will you be able to recognize the episode when it airs?

    I can’t wait until running is boring again … .

    Good luck with back to school stuff!

    • Maybe not right away but I will. They were there for most of the day so I don’t know exactly how many scenes were filmed. Excited to see my favorite shows on NBC.

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous, and that meme about school is so sobering. I hope you have the best year, and that things go smoothly. We are on week two, and I still don’t know how we are all feeling about it.

  6. Love your haircut! That’s so cool about Chicago PD filming nearby.

    wishing you all the best as you enter a new school year. I know it’s been very stressful the past two school years due to Covid, but I hope that this year goes better for you.

  7. I’ve just realised I should get my hair cut again as my exciting first cut after lockdown was already two months ago … Best of luck for the new school year!

  8. Wow on students starting tomorrow! Ours won’t start until after Labor Day. Hoping things are a lot better for you this year, Zenaida!

    Very cool about Chicago PD filming close to you! That’s always fun to watch.

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