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I do not have any races coming up so I’m deviating from this week’s topic.  Well, sort of since my topic is still Fall related.  🍂 🍂 🍂

I am excited about Fall!  I LOVE Fall!  Can you tell?  Let me tell you what my plans are for this Fall.

🍂 Run in shorts and long sleeve.  Yep, it is still warm enough for shorts but cool enough for a long sleeve top.  Sometimes I wear compression socks.  I am not ready for tights.  Those belong in the colder weather/Winter.

🍂 Enjoy Thanksgiving.  I am grateful every day for everything I have.  I am lucky and fortunate to be in good health, have a job, and a place to live.  However, Thanksgiving to me is “just” another day.  I look forward to my days off and spending time with family.

🍂 Train for a 50k.  Yikes!  I guess now I will be doing it.  I am nervous and excited about it.  I already told my coach.  And now I will need to train to train for my 50k.  

🍂 Buy a house.  I have to add it here again and hopefully it will happen.  I know everyone keeps telling me to be patient and that the perfect one will show up.    

🍂 Stop staying late at work.  There is always work to do and I will never catch up.  Sometimes I feel like I do more than I should.  I am feeling better about work because I have my routine set up with my students.  I feel like I know what I am doing and that is making the day go smoother.  <<It’s been challenging to learn and implement two new curriculums this year.

Any fun plans this Fall?

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26 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My Fall Plans

  1. Long sleeves and shorts weather is awesome! Running in capris or tights just feels too restrictive to me so when the perfect fall weather comes around, I soak it up! A 50k! That sounds exciting. Good luck and hope your training goes well!

  2. Shorts and long sleeves is my favorite combo! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for YOUR house to pop up and also good luck training for the 50k. That’s impressive!

  3. 50K?? that is exciting. Can’t wait to follow your training.

    I like the colors of fall but not the lack of daylight… in fact I’m dreading it because it limits where I can run.

    However sometimes when I am working from home, I can skip out at lunch for a short run…like today!!

  4. I can’t wait to hear about your 50k training! That is an exciting goal.
    Shorts and long sleeves… that’s what I wear on the coldest days here. To me, that outfit indicates perfect running weather!

  5. I have a hiking challenge on my fall bucket list and it starts tomorrow! I’ll share more about it on my coffee talk post. I am considering a 50k, but that is for the spring…

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