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I’m deviating from this week’s topic (I didn’t run any races this year so no bling) to write about a topic that was talked about a few weeks ago.  I missed the linkup that week and am now writing about it.  

I do not own a treadmill.  I really wished I did.  Once I have more room, I plan to get a Peloton treadmill.  I know Kim has one and she loves it.  I do like running outside but sometimes the weather is not the best.  Also, training for a 50k requires longer runs and I am not sure how much earlier I can get out in the morning to get it done and be on time for work.

Anyway, I’ve done many, many runs on the treadmill.  There was one year where I did a lot of my runs on it while training for the Chicago Marathon.  I actually do not mind the treadmill at all.  I do like it.  I know many people don’t and that is OK.

Here are some tips that worked for me.  

 Listen to fun music.  I have a variety of Spanish and English music and various playlists.  Depending on how I was feeling is the music I would pick.  

• Watch TV.  Sometimes music gets on my nerves so I prefer to watch TV.  I’ve watched whatever is playing on the television or a show on my iPad.

• Change incline and/or pace.  I did my runs at 0% incline but made sure to change the pace.  I would set a timer for 1:30/2:00 minutes or 3:00/4:00 minutes and then change the pace (I would have 3 different paces) at the sound of the buzzer.  Or I would change it after each song.  This would make the run a bit more exciting and made the time go by faster.

• Break up the run into parts.  I never did a run without stopping.  Who wants to run 10 miles without stopping?  Not me.  For a run of that distance, I would run 2.5 miles, take a quick break, and run again 2.5 miles.  Then I would use the bathroom and/or get more water and repeat for the rest of the 5 miles.  Something similar could be done for 12, 14, or 16 miles.  The key is to not think of it as a LONG run of 12, 14, 16 miles but instead as short and quick runs with breaks in between.

Yes or no to treadmill running?

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25 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Tips for treadmill running

  1. I like your tip with breaking up a long treadmill run into smaller units, it makes it a lot more manageable!
    Personally, I only used the treadmill on business trips. For example, I often had to travel to India for work and it was very convenient to have a treadmill in the hotel gym.

    Good luck with your 50k training! You’ve got this!

  2. Ha ha, well I’m a big NO to treadmill running, LOL. But, I do have to suck it up, on occasion, and just get it done inside if the weather conditions are too dangerous outside. I have to break up the runs, too…for my mental and physical well-being. My body does not like the repetitive nature (nor do my long legs) and I get SO bored (no access to a tv where my ‘mill sits).

  3. All great points, Zenaida! While I don’t love treadmill running, I am so grateful to have one for when the weather isn’t conducive to running outside.

    I trained for the 2010 Boston Marathon mostly on a treadmill because we had a really snowy winter and our sidewalks/trails don’t get cleaned very quickly. I didn’t own my treadmill yet so I’d go to the gym and run, sometimes before the gym opened (I was a trainer there so I had a key). I did several 16-milers and at least one 20-mile run on the treadmill.

    Thanks for the linkup and have a great rest of your week!

  4. For me, the treadmill is a necessary evil. I definitely prefer running outside but it’s nice to have the treadmill if I need it. I like to run intervals on it–it helps the time pass faster. My longest TM run is 11 miles and that was tough!

  5. COVID spooked me a bit and I opted out of running outdoors for most of summer 2020. I have a Peloton treadmill and I logged about 95% of my miles on that. I’m still in that habit and hardly run outside! It’s just so nice to turn on a class and once I’m done I can stretch and shower right away. Running outdoors requires planning and I don’t like doing it alone in the mornings anymore.

  6. I really struggle on treadmills so haven’t replaced mine since it broke down! Having said that, it is so valuable to have especially when it’s too hot, cold or dark out – and watching TV definitely helped me get through those tough runs!

  7. I’ve only ran on a treadmill a few times and it was when I was on a cruise and needed to keep up my marathon training. Hate is a strong word but I strongly disliked it. Maybe it was because I was more concerned about what I was missing on the cruise. Maybe in a different environment it would be better. (?)

  8. Like you, i don’t own a treadmill, and also like you, I don’t mind running on one. I used to do speedwork on the treadmill at the gym once a week, and once I did an 18 mile long run on the treadmill (due to thunderstorms outside.) I used all your tricks, including breaking it up. I got off to use the bathroom after mile 6 and mile 12- funny how much I looked forward to those bathroom breaks!

  9. You know my answer re: treadmills, although I really dislike to do long runs on them. I once did an 8 mile run on mine (long time ago) — which was a pain because the treadmill shuts down after 90 minutes (which is too short a time for me for 8 miles!).

    I have definitely found using the Peloton app makes treadmill runs more enjoyable. I also hope I never live somewhere where I can’t have my own treadmill!

  10. So I am a no unless there is an emergency situation. I do have one that is collecting dust for such an emergency 🙂

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