You know I don’t mind running outside.  Well, I have no choice and I make the best of it.  However, there are times when I dislike running outside.  

🌝 The uneven ground.  I run on the sidewalk and on the streets.  There has been a few times in which I’ve almost tripped.  I have fallen a few times as well.  It is worse when it is dark. 

🌝 The drivers.  I am sure that if most of them took the driving test again, they would fail.  I wear a headlamp and a vest but still drivers act like they do not see me.  Also, whenever I am outside and it is dark, I get extra nervous when I see white vans (I blame it on watching too much TV). 

🌝 The weather conditions.  Too cold.  Too hot.  Too windy.  Chicago is famous for the different types of weather in one day.  I’ve run in all of the different weather conditions and many time they suck.  But I do it anyway.  During the Winter I also need to wear extra layers which leads to more laundry.

🌝 The harassment.  Ugh!  I hate it.  I’ve been stared at and yelled at.  Cars have driven by honking at me.  I don’t know where it is because the driver knows me or because the driver is encouraging me.  Whatever the reason, I do not like it at all.

🌝 The dogs.  I don’t hate dogs.  I dislike it when they come out of no where and start barking at me.  I’ve run on the sidewalk and dogs can see/hear me and start barking.  Once a dog ran up to me barking and it scared the shit out of me.  I stopped running and for sure thought he/she was going to bite me.  Nope, the dog hanged around for a bit and then ran off.  Another time I was out by the airport and I saw two dogs on the opposite side of the street.  They both crossed the street to come near me.  Again I stopped and then they ran off.  A few even bark when they’re with their owner.  I am sure my heart rate goes up when this happens!

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8 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 reasons I dislike running outside

  1. I’m the opposite. I hate running inside.

    But we have a lot of bike paths. That’s where I usually run. No drivers. No rude comments. It’s rare that a dog is unleashed.

    The cold weather. Ugh. And no lights and snow and ice. Winter sucks for runners.

    • I could drive to the lakefront or a park but there is no time when I need to do a short run and get to work. I don’t hate running outside but just those things that sometimes make it “difficult”, but at least I can still do it. And yes, Winter sucks for us.

  2. Obviously I love dogs but I don’t love dog owners who pretty much pay no attention to their dogs. I’ve almost been tripped by dogs while running many times.

    I’ll be really happy when the new treadmill comes next week!

  3. Well, I actually love running outside, LOL. But, I agree it’s not always ideal with the road conditions and the weather. The traffic can get a little scary and tricky as well, but I’ve learned to not assume that every driver can see me or is paying attention. It is what it is, but for me it beats the treadmill 😉

    • I don’t hate running outside. Just a few things that make it “difficult” but at least I can still do it. I’ve learned to deal with it and make the best of it.

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