So far this month has been emotionally exhausting.  I am struggling with one of my students.  When I think we’ve made progress, we take two steps back.  Yesterday during class I finally broke down TWICE.  My students saw me.  I felt bad and embarrass.  I know that isn’t what one would expect a teacher to do but I could not stop.  Well, I finally did and managed to still teach my students.  I did feel a bit better once I let it all out.  Sometimes crying does help, right?  😺

It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJennMichelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

I runfess…
That I almost threw away what people were leaving on the street as “dibs”.  Most of the snow has already melted and people still think it is OK to still do it.  No!  They’re just being jerks and saving their own personal parking spot.  We got more snow yesterday but not enough for dibs.  

I runfess…
That I love Camila from Peloton but it did bother me when in one of her classes she played the song “Que Perra Mi Amiga” which translates to “What a B$%#& my friend is”.  Seriously?  So many songs out there and that’s the one she decides to add to her playlist.  I don’t say that word (OK, maybe have said it once or twice) but the song did annoy me.

I runfess…
That with 11.10 miles (yes, 11 miles! 😬 ) this year, I do not know how in the world I will complete 1,200 miles.  I actually want to do 1256.413 since it is 2022 kilometers.  I actually got the idea from Shathiso who blogs at The Gaborone Runner.  Still not running.  Still making the excuse of “it is too cold and I don’t like the snow.”

I runfess…
That I was not impressed with the Super Bowl Half Time Show.  I didn’t even watch it that day.  I saw it a few days later on YouTube.  The artists and songs are not my thing.  I did recognize one of Mary J. Blige’s songs but that’s it.

I runfess…
That when I don’t like the music genre in a Peloton bike class, I mute it and listen to my own music on Amazon.  I still try to do the same cadence and resistance as the class.  Camila is my #1 instructor right now but sometimes I do not like her playlist.  Why do the class anyway you might ask?  I am taking all of her classes.  She has done 98 classes and I still need to take 34.  Almost there!

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22 Comments on Fit Five Friday and February 2022 Runfessions

  1. Teaching is the hardest profession. Hope things improve.

    Once you start racing again I bet your mojo comes back. It’s not pleasant running in the cold weather. We are getting a big snow storm today. Just when all the ice had melted.

    I felt the same with the half time show. Not impressed at all.

    I did enjoy the music on Peleton when the instructors didn’t talk over it.

  2. Oh, I’m glad to hear you and Darlene say you didn’t like the halftime show! I didn’t either (it’s just not my thing) but everyone else seemed to love it. Glad to know I’m not totally alone.
    Sorry work has been so hard! I hope your spring break is coming up soon- sounds like you need a reset. You truly have a hard job.

  3. I runfess that I love that you’re also going for 2022km in 2022! It’s still possible my friend. Maybe find something else that motivates you to get out. Something that helps me when I’m struggling is giving myself rewards for reaching certain milestones and also running someplace new (if that’s easy for you – maybe leave the neighbourhood for a bit and run some place that seems exciting). PS: I’m a big cry-er. I’m a big believer in letting it out.

  4. I had mixed feelings on the halftime show, too. I thought it was entertaining to watch, but the music wasn’t my preference either. Sorry to hear you’re still struggling with your running mojo…I hope things turn around for you <3

  5. I’m sorry that that one student has been such a struggle, Zenaida.

    I often do find it hard to find a playlist I really like. But sometimes I do! I did take a cycle class in Spanish by mistake the other day. Even though I took Spanish in HS & am good at languages, I just got a word here & there. It was only a 10 minute class & I didn’t have a whole lot of time.

  6. I have to say I loved the halftime show – my one complaint was that it felt too short!

    I’m so sorry work has been so tough – I cannot imagine how hard it has been to be a teacher over these past couple of years. Heck it’s a hard job when there wasn’t a pandemic!

    Do you have any races coming up? Having a race on the horizon always seems to help me to kick it into gear.

  7. I’m so sorry you lost your composure in class but I totally understand. It must be beyond frustrating. I felt neutral on the halftime show. I tried to keep an open mind but it wasn’t really my jam, but that’s ok. Hopefully spring weather will arrive soon, along with your running mojo!

  8. I understand your frustration with your job. I have only cried once in a room, but that was after a kid bit me (his mom let go after i told her to hold him while I was checking his ears). I immediately excused myself. I was so angry at her.

    I actually liked the halftime show. Dr Dre’s song California Love was my theme song for when I ran Big Sur. I can appreciate all kinds of genres of music, as long as it’s good quality!

  9. Oh, I’m so sorry about your student. You’re such a good teacher, and you care so much. I know some days are hard.

    I did love the Superbowl Show, but that was all my college/post college club music. Oh, the memories.

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