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Happy Tuesday!  I went back to work yesterday after being off for one week.  Only one student was absent and everyone did well.  I did have trouble with one student (same one with the behavior issues) but that was resolved in 10 minutes.  We have 9 weeks to go till Summer Break!

Yesterday I ran for 25 minutes.  I slept in a little bit, drank some coffee, and then went running.  Earlier I had checked the temperate and it said it was drizzling.  I was not happy about that.  However, once I was ready to head out, I checked again and it was clear.  

Here is a before and after picture.  It was a good run!

Unfortunately I didn’t take too many pictures.  I did see a few things that I will mention here.  Also, I will mention a few things that I thought about on my run.  Originally I thought that was today’s topic.  🤷🏻‍♀️

〰️  There is a lot of garbage on the ground.  Why are people so disgusting?

〰️  I see some pretty flowers.  Are they real or plastic?  

〰️  I like the darkness.  I am in my own world.  

〰️  What is that white van doing there?  I need to stop watching so much TV.  White vans mean only one thing and they freak me out.

〰️  Cute cat.  But why is it running away?  I hope he/she has a home.

〰️  Broken bottle glass.  Be careful.  You don’t want to trip and fall (again).

〰️  So many nice houses here but none for sale.  Could one of these be a house for me?

〰️  I have to use the bathroom.  I went twice before my run.  Can I hold it long enough till I get home?

〰️  I wonder how many students will be in school today?

〰️  Will I be back in time to shower, get ready, make breakfast and head out the door?  I really do not want another parking ticket.  Let me explain.  On Sunday night I left my car on the street that surrounds a school.  There is no parking allowed between 7am-4:40pm when school is in session.  I made it out to my car at 7:03am.  Clarification:  I did not get a parking ticket.  I got lucky.

Topic for next week – What fun hobbies/activities do you do besides running?  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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23 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Things I saw on my last run

  1. Before-work runs can be such a great start to a stressful work day! Well done, Zenaida.

    Now I’m wondering about the meaning of white vans… what do they imply?

  2. Wow, you enjoy running in the dark? I don’t do it much, but when I’m solo, it can creep me out. Although now you’re reminding me of when I used to run (in the summer, usually) with the sunrise. It wasn’t really dark, and there was something really soothing about that.

    The white van would creep me out, too. Sorry about the parking ticket.

  3. So happy to hear that it was a good run.

    And that you got it done before work.

    I am not sure what will happen when I no longer work from home. I’m pretty sure those morning and lunch runs will be a thing of the past.

  4. Glad you had a good one, and your random thoughts sound a lot like mine. Especially the bathroom one, ha ha. I”ll bet that before-work run made the day so much better!

  5. If I tried to document all the things I thought about while running it would either be rather lengthy (because there’s plenty!) or blank. Why? I seldom ever remember all those thoughts upon walking back into my house, LOL.

    • When I got home I quickly wrote down some of the things I thought about. Then in the evening when I was writing my post I remembered a few other things.

  6. Summer break is creeping closer! I hope you’re able to find time to enjoy runs like these that give you a bit of a mental break as you finish off the semester!

  7. Well, I saw a red Staples shopping cart in the middle of the trail yesterday so that was new!

  8. I haven’t run that early in a really long time, I wish I could but my schedule doesn’t allow for it. It’s such a great way to start the day! I always get annoyed when I see trash in the streets…

  9. When running at a local park, I have noticed trash on the ground too. It annoys me since the park has SO many trash cans available. I will never understand why people are so lazy and gross!

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