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I know April is not over yet.  We still have a few more days left.  I am excited for this month to be over because then next month is May which then brings us closer to the end of the school year. 

After a rough start with running due to the weather, I am back at it.  I started a new run streak and am excited about it.  I am also planning to run a 50k this year.  Yikes!

So let me tell you about how this month is going.

At the end of April we’ll be 1/3 done with 2022.  Time is going by fast!

Mileage:  As of yesterday morning I’ve run 55.30 miles.  All of my runs have been easy runs with run/walk intervals.  Each day I run for a specific amount of time instead of miles.  I like it!  Each week I am slowly increasing my mileage and last week was 16.79 miles.  There are still a few more days left in April but I am guessing that I will have about 70 miles for this month.

Highest Mileage Week:  16.79.  It was this past week and it took me 3:45:46 hours.  

Current Challenge:  My running streak.  Yesterday was day #25.  Weather is so much better than a few months ago but still does not feel like Spring.  

Current Book:  Finally reading “When I Ran Away”.  It is taking me longer to finish reading it and I have mixed feeling about it.  I have my days when I like it and days when I don’t.  

Current Shoes:  Currently running in an “older” pair of Brooks Launch.  I’ve run mostly in the Ghost and kind of forgot how much I love this shoe.  I remember the first time I wore the Launch, my feet hurt, and I almost stopped wearing them.  Glad I didn’t.  I have a new pair of the Ghost that I am thinking of sending back and instead get the Launch.  But after that, no more shoes.  

2022 Running Goal:  My goal this year is to run 1,200 miles.  I am at 7% done with 95.57 miles.  Who knows how realistic this goal is.  I have a long way to go but hopefully the 50k training will get me to that goal or at least close to it.

What am I looking forward to next month?  Almost the end of the school year!  My last day of school is  June 7th.  😊

How is April going for you?

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25 Comments on Tuesday Topics: April 2022 Review

  1. Don’t give up on your yearly mileage goal yet, Zenaida!
    Once your 50k training starts, your weekly miles will go up dramatically.
    I am sure you will reach your goal. And when school stops in June you will hopefully have more time.
    When is your 50k?

    • Thanks so much Catrina. I am eyeing the Marine Corps 50k at the end of October. There is also one in Chicago around the same time. The latter is cheaper and closer to home.

  2. So I’m thinking you’re a person who does really well with streaks! You had a long streak, then you ended it and kind of went into a running “hiatus”- now you’re back with a new streak. Apparently it’s something that works for you! I’m looking forward to hearing about the 50k training.
    I’m also looking forward to the end of the school year, even though I’m not a teacher. It’s just easier, and my son will be home!

  3. I contemplated a running streak the other day and then chickened out so very well done for reaching Day 25!! I’m off my 2022 running target but hoping consistency will bring me back in the game! Training for a few Half Marathons this year which should keep me focused 🙂

  4. You are having a great month. It helps that the weather is warmer. At least warmer than last month.

    My April has been good too. A half marathon and a 5 miler

    My goal is 1000 so I’m on track so far

  5. Congrats on starting your new streak! Yes, some days it feels like Spring here, and some days it really doesn’t. Still we’ve had much worse Springs so I’ll take it.

    LOL about you & your shoes! We’ve all got our things, right? Somehow this reminds me I meant to start some laundry . . .

    Do you have a particular 50k in mind?

  6. Spring? In the Midwest? We keep getting extremes here in Iowa…temps in the 60’s/70’s, then back to the 30’s. I’m hoping this crazy roller coaster ends once May arrives on the scene. I hope your new streak goes well…at least you should be approaching better weather 😉

  7. That 50K will pile on the miles fast! Your graphic reminds me that I need to set my goal up. I can’t even remember what I selected for the yearly Mileage Maniacs challenge that I am part of but as soon as I figure that out I’ll set it up! The school year has flown by here. College will be done next week and high school on May 27th. It’s coming fast!

  8. I was so happy to see your comment about feeling happy about teaching again!

    I have always been a huge fan of the Golden Girls. I’ve seen every episode and they still make me laugh, even all these years later.

Thank you for your comment!