This week’s Tuesday Topic is How will you celebrate Global Running Day?  It is on June 1st.  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I am deviating from this week’s topic to instead do a monthly review.  Global Running Day is on Wednesday and I plan to run that day.  I do not know exactly how long I will be running but I will be out there.

Another month/sheet to rip off from my wall calendar.  With May almost over that means we are almost halfway through the year.  And what a year it has been so far!

As you know I was excited to pack up and finish this school year.  I was moved to the classroom across the hall.  It faces east, bigger, and nicer layout.  I was actually excited about it – even if it meant packing EVERYTHING in my room.  On Friday we found out that the school will be closed for the 2022-2023 school year and I will be going to a different school.  Not only do I have to pack everything, but I need to bring my personal stuff home.  Why?  In case boxes get lost, misplaced, etc.  I have spent a lot of money on school stuff and I would be upset it I don’t see it in my room next year.  The good thing about it is that now we have until June 10th, instead of the 7th, to pack up.  But during that time I also need to set up my room for Summer School.  Sigh.  These next two weeks will be very interesting.

package delivery throne

So let me tell you about how this month is going.

I was doing good in May with my run streak but halfway though the month I got a cold.  Once I was better, I got a fever.  It must have been too much for me because I took a week off to recover.  However, I wasn’t feeling it and took a few days off again.  I don’t think I’ll start a new run streak and I am OK with it.

Mileage:  I finished the month with 55.40 miles.  I am a bit disappointed because last month I ran 68.13 miles.  I know it is lower this month because I missed 10 days of running.  All of my runs have been easy runs with run/walk intervals.  Each day I run for a specific amount of time instead of miles.  No complaints there!

Highest Mileage Week:  18.16.  It was during the first week of May and it took me 3:49:15 hours.  

Current Challenge:  None.   😀  Any other ideas?

Current Book:  Finally reading “Falling”.  So far it is good.  I told my sister she could put the TV I had in my room in her room.  I told her I was planning to read more instead of watching so much TV.  Right now the only show I am watching is “The Golden Girls” and can watch it on my phone or my computer.

Current Shoes:  Still running in the Brooks Launch 7.  So far I’ve run in them 147 miles.

2022 Running Goal:  My goal this year is to run 1,200 miles.  I am 13% done with 163.80 miles.  Who knows how realistic this goal is.  There are 7 months left this year.  That means on average I would have to run about 148 miles each month.  Doable?

Topic for next week – What’s on your Summer bucket list?  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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23 Comments on Tuesday Topics: May 2022 Review

  1. Ah, sorry you were sick this month, Zenaida!
    How about if you change your annual goal to 600 miles?
    It’s doable, but challenging, because you would still need to do 436 miles in 7 months. Which would be 62 miles a month, a little less than you ran in April.

    I remember you wanted to do a 50k race. Is that still on your agenda?

  2. well, my suggestion for you (since you asked) would be consistency. Perhaps setting a goal of running 3x a week for the month of June. I would also suggest not setting a mileage goal but just a goal of consistency. A goal that you can easily achieve to get you back into a rhythm. Hope that gives you some ideas!

    • Thanks, Deborah! I am going to give it more thought on the mileage goal. Earlier I told Catrina that I was going to leave it and if it happens, it happens, but I won’t stress too much about it. I will be proud of whatever number I end up with.

  3. I think you had a good month. Considering you were sick you have to cut yourself some slack.

    And goals are goals. Mine is 1000 and I know I may or may not reach it. Friends on many variables.

    I am trying to skip TV and read more too.

  4. Sorry that you weren’t feeling well earlier tin the month. It sounds like your body needed some time off from running to feel better.

    I love those Brooks sneakers – they have the best designs and colors.

  5. You had a cold and a fever? Sounds like a rough month!!! But school will be out soon and you’ll have a little more time for yourself- maybe you can reassess your yearly goal then and make adjustments if necessary.
    Have a great run tomorrow!

  6. Ooh those shoes look cute! My shoes are “old” but don’t have that many miles on them so I’m trying to hold off on buying new ones. I have so many pairs in my rotation but I’m just not running as many miles as I used to lol. I think that’s a big goal but maybe breaking it up into smaller bites it can be doable?

    • I replace them when I get to 300 miles. I have 2 other pairs and I think they will last me till the end of the year. Or maybe I’ll end up buying one more pair to make it to the year.

  7. I just got a pair of the Launch GTS 8’s, and they feel good! I’m going to see how they feel for my #5at5 tomorrow, and then decide if I want to try them for my half marathon on Saturday. Supposedly, they’re the new Ravennas, which I’ve worn for shorter distances. Fingers crossed!

    • I do not like it when shoe companies get rid of a good shoe and replace it with a different one. Brooks had the PureFlow which I loved but they do not make them anymore.

  8. I’m not sure I really have a bucket list for the Summer. How does surviving it sound?

    I’m sorry you had to break the streak and didn’t get as many miles this month. I guess we just have to be grateful that we’re able to run, right? That’s the most important thing!

  9. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling so well. I am seeing so many sick kids in the clinic. It feels like everyone is sick!

    I read Falling a while back and it was good! I hope you like it.

  10. I hope you feel better quickly and you can get back to chasing your 2022 running mileage goal. What a bummer that your school is closing and you have to move again. 🙁

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