This week’s Tuesday Topic is: Today is World Day of Music. If you run with music, share your perfect playlist!  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

🎵 I listen to music in the shower, in my car, and in my classroom.  I mainly use Pandora but also have some great songs on Amazon.  I have a specific playlist for my mother on Amazon that we listen to in the car or out in the balcony.  She gets excited when she remembers a song that she likes and asks me to add it to the playlist.

🎵 So what do I listen to?  I love 80s music.  That is what I usually look for on the Peloton app.  I also like 90s pop music.  I don’t care too much for anything in the 2000s but may recognize a song here and there.  I also like Spanish music.  I have a great playlist on Pandora.  It’s taken me years to get the songs I like.  Sometimes Pandora will suggest a song in English and I make a face wondering how the heck that happened.  The only song I will listen to is “Tennessee Whiskey”.  I am obsessed with that song. 😀

🎵 A class with a great playlist on the Peloton app is one I took with Chase.  Now I know he is no longer with Peloton and his class isn’t available anymore.  But I did find a class from 2019 that is still available so I am not sure what the deal is.  When instructors leave, does Peloton remove the classes?

🎵 Another great class I’ve taken multiple times is the 30 min All For One Run.  The music and the energy is perfect!

🎵 I also listen to cumbia and salsa.  I love Selena and wish there was a Peloton class with her songs.  Sadly I began to listen to her music after she died.  I did know about her before but didn’t pay too much attention to her.  One of my favorites are these two songs that she performed at the Houston Astrodome a month before she died (I think it was her last concert).

🎵 Danza Kuduro also gets me in a good and dancing mood!  This is the clean version we were allowed to play in the classroom when there was a competition (similar to March Madness) to find the best song.  It did not win.  “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” won.  So maybe not everyone likes Danza Kuduro but there were others much better than the one about Bruno.  🤣 🤣

🎵 Not running related but I love “We Are The World”.  On Saturday I heard the song which included pictures of the children that were killed in Uvalde.  I was in the Sam’s Club parking lot when I searched for the song and I listened to it again.  I began crying.  I could not stop crying.  I thought about those kids and their family.  I also thought about my kids and how difficult it had been for them and everyone else these past 2 years.  

Topic for next week – FREE Topic!  Feel free to write about any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Running with music

  1. I could chill with you and your music, Zenaida!
    “We Are The World” always makes me tear up as well. It’s a nice idea to do a tribute to the Uvalde shooting.
    I just watched the video by the Clarksville Elementary students that you included in your post. Some of those kids were really good singers!

  2. I’ve gotten out of running with music. Instead it’s been podcasts.

    But now I have a 3 month membership to Peleton so I’ve been listening to some.

  3. I don’t run with music anymore (believe me, I never saw that coming until my Shuffle died!), but I do love it on the Peloton workouts. Music definitely takes workouts to a new level 😉

  4. I only heard about Selena after she died. Actually, I heard of her when the movie came out and then I became obsessed with her songs and incredible story.

    I’m so sorry about what happened in Uvalde – I can’t imagine what the families and the teachers go through each time such a senseless and cruel/evil act like that happens.

  5. I really didn’t know much about Selena either before she died; at that point we’d only been living in TX a few years. But it was a very big deal. So sad.

    You have really eclectic taste, Zenaida! I had no idea Peloton removes classes of instructors who leave. How odd.

  6. You have some cool music! I love listening to podcasts while I run, but I do listen to music as well. That version of We Are the World sounds absolutely heartbreaking! I’m not going to listen to it- I’m already sad enough.

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