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What a fun post.  I know several bloggers have done something similar and I got excited when Kim added it to our list of topics.

Thanks to my Race in the 50 States +1 running goal, I’ve run in 43 states.  I need 8 more to complete it.  Before I was a teacher, I worked at the American Bar Association.  Through this job I also traveled to various states for our Spring and Annual Meetings.  The traveling aspect was fun but the work itself was not.  I was ready for something different and more challenging and so I went back to school to become a teacher.  My job now is different and definitely challenging.

So, let me tell you where I’ve been.  Ready?

A is for Anchorage
I went there as part of The Great Alaskan Running Cruise.  I felt like I was in another country when in fact I was still in the USA.  I had a wonderful time!  I’ve also been to Atlanta twice.  The first time I was there was in maybe 1999 for an ABA Annual Meeting.  It was my first time traveling in my job and I hated it.  I was so tired and exhausted.  

B is for Boston
My first time there was when working at the ABA.  I loved it!  I went again about 10 years ago during the Summer.  The last time I was there was in 2013 when I ran the Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon.  I also traveled to Bloomington (Lady Speed Stick Women Half Marathon), Birmingham (Magic City Half Marathon), Buffalo (Buffalo Half Marathon) and Baltimore (Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon).

C is for Cleveland
Cleveland reminds me of “The Drew Carey Show” where they are all singing “Cleveland Rocks!”  I went there to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland Half Marathon.  It was the first time and maybe last a RnR race took place there.

D is for Detroit
I went there to run the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Half Marathon.  I was undertrained for this race.  It was a miracle I actually finished it and I was sore for days afterwards.  It was fun running in two different countries.  I even had to run with my passport!

I’ve also traveled to Dallas (Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon), Des Moines (IMT Des Moines Half Marathon), and Denver (Rock ‘n” Roll Denver Half Marathon).

E is for Elmhurst
I’ve been there mainly to run the 4 on the 4th race.  I’ve mentioned a few times that it is a fun race!  Does anyone remember the Mizuno Elixir?  They were great shoes and I was disappointed when they were discontinued.

F is for Florence
A few years ago I went on a cruise to Europe with a few friends.  It began and ended in Barcelona.  We went to various cities in Italy and France and had a lot of fun.

G is for ?
I am stuck here.  There are plenty of cities in Illinois but nothing worth mentioning.  Maybe Gurnee for Six Flags Great America?  I’ve been there plenty of times.  I remember my first time going when I was a kid but cannot remember how old I was.  My guess would be 9 or 10.  Many years later I would get a free ticket and go with my nephew, Ivan, as part of the Read to Succeed Program.

H is for Hartford
I’ve been there a few times to run the Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  I have a few friends that live in CT but haven’t been there in a few years.  I’ve also traveled to Harpers Ferry (BCT Harpers Ferry Half Marathon) and to Hubbard Glacier.  

I is for Icy Strait Point
Another Alaska picture.  It was the first and last time I’ve kayaked.  It was an experience but I was terrified!

Wow!  So many great trips and memories.  It’s been fun looking at the pictures and reading posts about the trips.  I can’t wait to get started on the next two posts!

Topic for next week – Where I’ve been, A-Z: Letters J-R.  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Traveling the Alphabet – Part 1

  1. These are great adventures, Zenaida, especially the Alaska ones!

    I’m surprised that they made you carry your passport when crossing the border between the US and Canada in the Detroit race.
    In Europe, we often cross the border in races. For events like that, the bib doubles as a passport. It makes everything a lot easier!

  2. You’ve been to some really great places so far.

    Alaska is on my bucket list for sure.

    Can’t wait to read next week’s.

  3. What a great list of places you’ve run. I just remembered that I ran the Chicago Spring Half Marathon, but used the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler as my race for the letter C.

  4. Wow- Anchorage? That sounds amazing! I could say I’ve been there, but I was actually just in the airport for a layover so it doesn’t count. An Alaskan running cruise sounds like a dream vacation.
    This is a fun topic! Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet.

  5. I do remember you going on that Alaska cruise! I loved running and visiting there. I hope we have a chance to go back bc there is so much more to see

  6. You’ve seen some great places, via the running shoes! These “Where I’ve Been A-Z” posts are so fun to read! I love learning about different locations and races.

Thank you for your comment!