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I am back at work and I was tired before starting with the students.  I spent days setting up my room and I still was not ready on Monday morning.  On Friday I was so tired that I almost cried.  We had two days full of meetings and not one minute given to set up the classroom.  

I thought about this a lot but I made the decision not to continue training for my race.  Last week I missed most of runs and I had no desire to do it after I worked in my room.  Back to school is a hectic time for me and I am always staying late at work and doing work at home too.  Plus, constantly being tired did not help.  I have plantar fasciitis and some days the pain is tolerable and other days it isn’t.  I feel like a failure.  I wanted to do this race because I turn 50 in November and was getting excited about it.  Crazy way to celebrate, right?  😄 😄

Right now I am going to get back to my work routine and take it easy.  I have a doctor appt in early September and hopefully can get some answers.  Maybe now I can do more bike classes and catch up on all of Camila’s classes.

So let me tell of a few things I am loving.  Some are not running related but still I am loving them.

Athena Club – Last year I wrote about Billie Razors.  While I did like them, I’ve been hearing about Athena razors and wanted to try them out.  I love the color.  The kit is $9 and includes 2 Five-Blade Cartridges, 1 Ergonomic Razor Handle, and 1 Magnetic Hook for easy storage.  You can also pick to get each month 4, 9, or 12 blades every couple of months.  Click HERE to get $5 off your first order.

Dove Anti-Perspirant – I’ve been using this for years as an anti-perspirant.  Recently, I’ve been using it to prevent chafing.  I apply it between my thighs and around the bra area.  So far so good!

Tofu Press – I’ve been trying to eat more tofu but removing the water is a hassle.  It is very easy to use.  This kit has 4 parts and in just 3 steps, your tofu is in a strainer box.  You can leave it there for 15 minutes or more and then it will be ready for you to cook it.  

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief For Plantar Fasciitis Insoles for Women – I bought these one day at Target.  I had no idea if they would help.  I wore them while running and also during the day.  While I am not 100% pain free, it doesn’t hurt as much to walk or run.

OOFOS Recovery Sandals These are seriously the best sandals!  They’re very comfortable and I wear them every single day.  They’re not cheap but you can find a good deal when they’re on sale.  I bought a new pair but need to exchange for a bigger size.  

Do you use any of these products?

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Things I am Loving IV

  1. So sorry about all the exhaustion, Zenaida! A heavy workload can be hard to bear. I think in your profession as a teacher even more so. I hope the hectic back to school days will soon be over.
    There’s no need to feel like a failure because of the race. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You had the courage to start something you weren’t sure you could finish. And that’s a win in my books.

  2. Oof. Yes, I know the start of the school year is very stressful for teachers. And very sorry to hear about your PF! I know it well, and it’s no fun. I can see why you wanted to do the ultra for your 50th birthday, but maybe you can do something later in the year instead.
    I think I have that same tofu press! And I love my Oofos.

    • I am giving it another week or so to organize my file cabinet. put away my books, and finish my sub tub. Then I can see myself leaving work at 3 and coming home to my cats and read with them.

  3. I bought the Dr. School’s inserts when PF was an issue…they were nice! I haven’t needed them since (that was back in 2015 and briefly in 2016). I have used deodorant on my toes, believe it or not, to prevent chafing and blisters. I also have Oofos, but it’s been awhile since I’ve worn them because I’m in my Chacos much of the time these days. Maybe consider a 50-mile bike ride for your birthday? You could do that on your Peloton, and not have to deal with the weather.

  4. I’ve not tried Oofos, but I know so many people who love them. I hope your new Dr. School’s inserts continue to help with your plantar fasciitis. Hopefully, the pain will completely go away soon.

    Thanks for the tip on the tofu press – I’d not heard of those.

  5. I love my Oofos sandals. They are the best! And so comfy. I also need to check out that tofu press— while I’m not vegan, I do love tofu scramble for breakfast but removing the moisture is always a pain.

  6. I was having chaffing issues this summer and a GUY(!) in my run group recommended deodorant rather than Glide, and I think it works better. So, yes to the Dove and in ALL THE PLACES.

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