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What a day it was yesterday!  I was at work till 6:45 pm.  I try not to stay that late anymore but I needed to get a few things done.  

I had a meeting with the assistant principal at 3:30.  That lasted about half an hour.  Then I went back to my room to get some copies done, organize some of my data charts, and check my email.  I check it throughout the day but this time I deleted a few, responded to a couple, and moved some to folders.  I hate having a full inbox.  Right now I have 7 emails in my inbox and that is still too many for me.

I don’t hate my job but there are days when I do not like it.  I feel like I will never catch up and get all of my work done.  There is always something that needs to be done and not enough time.  The 2020-2021 school year was awful!  2021-2022 was bad and this current year is just as bad.

I know it is only November and I am already stressed out.  I still have a few more months to go so I need to figure out a way to get through them.

But it isn’t always that bad.  I care a lot about my students.  They make me smile and laugh.  They draw cute pictures for me which I hang on my walls.   Today during recess two girls drew a picture on the playground.  Cute, right?

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  1. Hope things get better. As I’ve said before, teaching is a hard job but there are rewards that you don’t get with other jobs.

  2. I come from a family of teachers (almost became one myself) and I know all about the highs and lows of being a teacher… I hope it’s mostly rewarding! We all have frustrating days at work though.

  3. I just realized I commented on yesterday’s post as if it were combined with today’s (eye roll.) I know it’s hard! My husband is a teacher and he’s already wishing the year would end. Do you have a week off at Thanksgiving? Our schools do. I hope you have a nice break coming up- you need it.

  4. That sounds really stressful. I hope it will get better. “There is always something that needs to be done and not enough time.” sounds familiar to me but I am not a teacher.

  5. Teaching is a hard job at the best of time, but these aren’t the best of times. Hope things start to look up.

  6. Being a teacher is not for the weak! I’m sorry it’s been such a rough few years. I have a few teacher-friends in my life, and it’s been many rough years in a row. Hang in there!

  7. “I don’t hate my job but there are days when I do not like it.”
    – Yes to this! I can so relate in many areas of life, actually. There are times when things just…don’t seem very enjoyable. But then little rays of sunshine peek through and it all feels bearable. Love the chalk drawings <3

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