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Who doesn’t love Friday?  To me it is one of my favorite days of the workweek.  I also love Mondays.  Well, I love it when I don’t have to go to work.

The day went back quickly.  In the morning the students painted with watercolors and listened to music by Selena.  I love that many of them know who she is and have heard her music.  I danced for a little bit with one of my students.  In the afternoon I subbed for another teacher.  It was my first time in that classroom and I got to see many of my students from last year.  I see them occasionally in the school but it was my first time in their classroom.  After school I stayed late for a bit to do my lesson plans for Monday.  I will be off that day because I am taking my mother to the doctor.

This morning I woke up after having a very weird dream.  This is what I remember:

  • It was my birthday and we were in a cafeteria.
  • There were friends of mine from college.
  • We were at work.  That is even more weird because I do not work with any of my college friends.
  • A friend was making lemonade using Gatorade.
  • Somehow I had two chickens on a plate.
  • I then had to cross a pool/river (some kind of body of water) to pick up my students while holding the tray.
  • Somehow one of the chickens fell inside the body of water.
  • I realized I didn’t have to be in the water but instead walk on the cement/sidewalk to get across.
  • I was very late picking up my students and hoped that another teacher picked them up for me.

That dream makes no sense at all.  Well, the one thing that makes sense is my birthday since it is coming up.

14 Comments on 12. Friday and weird dreams

  1. Dreams can be so weird. What always throws me off is how much a dream (even after I wake up and realize it was just a dream) can impact my mood for the day.
    One time I had a dream someone I loved had tragically died and I honestly didn’t realize it had been a dream for HOURS after waking up. It was just so real and raw – I woke up and thought it was reality.

    I am a huge fan of Friday. Friday after supper until bedtime is my absolute favourite window of time in the week!

  2. I have a recurring dream that involves a guy I went to high school with (and haven’t seen since graduation day) coaching me in an equestrian event (I’ve never ridden a horse) in the Olympics (I think it goes without saying that I am NOT an athlete, let alone an Olympic-level athlete). Brains are weird and they’re just putting together random bits and bobs while we’re sleeping!

  3. Dreams are so strange! I wonder what the chickens represent in your real/emotional life?

    Someone recently told me that the content of the dream isn’t as important as the feeling in the dream, and that the feeling is what your brain is trying to work through. I thought that was an interesting approach and am going to consider that when I think about my dreams.

    • That is interesting! I was feeling nervous, worried, and scared about navigating the way to get to class. In my case it could have been about making the house purchase decision.

  4. Dreams can be so weird and very random. I mean, I understand it’s like processing “the world around you” while you sleep, but some things still make no sense… (like people, that you haven’t even though of in years popping up in your dreams, and the like).

  5. Yes, I like Fridays! I also like Mondays (weirdly.)
    Yes, dreams are weird… and you have a big birthday coming up, right? I think it’s this month. I hope you have a fun celebration planned!

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