Wow, how is it already December?  And that 2022 is almost over?!?  Right now the countdown is for December 22nd, the last day of school before Winter Break.  It may be December but I feel like this school year is dragging.  This is only the 15th week of school.  How?  On a positive note, I’m starting off the weekend with a little catch-up over the Ultimate Coffee Date hosted by Coco and Deborah.  So grab a mug of your favorite beverage and let’s chat for a bit!

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that during Thanksgiving Break I relaxed but also worked.  I was observed on Wednesday and I had to work on my portfolio.  Yeah, as much as I don’t like to procrastinate, I did drop the ball and had to get it done last week.  I had to review my lesson, answer some questions about it, and upload a bunch of artifacts.  I will be observed every 3 years so if I am planning to retire in 10-11 years, then I am looking at 3 or 4 more observations.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that last week I got both the shingles and covid vaccine and felt awful the next day.  I was very tired and had a fever.  I spent most of Wednesday in bed and on the sofa reading and watching TV.  I only got up to eat and go to the bathroom.  But I felt like a new woman on Thursday!

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I got my free birthday cake/slice from Portillo’s.  I enjoyed it as a lunch meal when I was sick last week.  No shame.  Remember that one time I had mashed potatoes and wine for dinner?

Let me add that while Starbucks did gift me a free drink, I could have sworn that the expiration date was 11/21.  When I used the app to order the drink, the offer was no longer available.  I ended up using my stars for it.  I know I didn’t have to get the drink but I wanted it anyway.

If we were having coffee…
I’d ask you if you’ve watched the “Wednesday” series on Netflix.  I didn’t think I was going to like it but I did.  It is so good!  I loved it and cannot wait for season 2.  My favorite scene was the dance scene.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you after years of entering the lottery, I will finally get the chance to run the NYC Half Marathon!  I am happy and excited about it.  Two of my nephews live in NYC so I am looking forward to seeing them too.  Plus, I hope one of them will let me stay at their place. 

Now I need to start running again and train for it.  I have no finish time goal.  I just want to finish so I will be using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan.  Soon I will be looking into flights but the “only” bad thing is that I have parent/teacher conferences on the 20th.  The question now is do I come back Sunday night or Monday morning?  I don’t have to be at work till 11:30am.

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29 Comments on Fit Five Friday and December 2022 Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. How do you get a free birthday cake from Portillos? And did you know they use the Duncan Hines Devil’s Food mix to make it (plus some add-ins)?

    We just started watching Wednesday and wow, it is so good! My maiden name is Adams, so i have a special affinity for the Addams family, lol

    • Well, it isn’t a whole cake but just a slice. I signed up for the birthday club. I had no idea that is what they used. I heard that they add sour cream to the mixture? Did you finish watching Wednesday?

  2. Congrats on getting into the half! You have plenty of time to train and it will get you out there this Winter.

    My recent half is the first time I had to leave immediately after a race, but it was only a bit over an hour drive so really not so bad.

  3. Glad your reaction was short.

    And congratulations on NYC. Blogger meet up.

    I’ll have to check out Wednesday. Thanks for the tip.

    And yes the free coffee is only available on the day of your birthday

  4. I am really excited to finally fun NYC as well. It does really help me stay motivated to follow a training plan. Happy running and see you in NY I hope

  5. Congratulations to winning to run the NYC half marathon! How come they have a lottery instead of letting people register?(just curious) Have you been away long from running?

  6. Ooh! That’s exciting about the NYC half, and it’s probably just what you need to get running again.
    My husband is also counting down the days… I think our last day of school before vacation is the 21st. You can do it!

  7. Congrats on the NYC Half! That race is on my bucket list and I cannot believe I forgot to enter the lottery this year. That’s a tough call on when to fly back to Chicago – I think I’d probably take an early flight Monday morning vs. having to worry about arranging a late checkout after the race. Best of luck with your training!

  8. Okay, this is the third mention I’ve seen of Wednesday being a good show THIS MORNING, so I think the universe is telling me what to do with my time this weekend.

  9. Congrats on NYC!! That’s exciting! I’m due for a Covid booster (it’s going on four months now since I had the virus(, but a procrastinating. I’ve had terrible reactions to all of those shots.

  10. Congrats on the lottery win! That is so exciting!

    I keep hearing about Wednesday but haven’t given it a shot yet. Definitely on my list!

  11. That’s so exciting you’ll be running NYC half! I am stepping out of my comfort zone next year and we’ll be running Chicago marathon. A big city marathon makes me a bit nervous for some reason! The birthday drink at Starbucks really has changed – get it on your birthday, or else! Too bad they don’t give you more than a day anymore. Also, I had the same reaction from those two shots (shingles and covid). Glad it was only a 24 hour thing. I felt horrible!!

  12. 2022 definitely felt like it went by fast!! Sorry to hear that you didn’t feel well after getting the vaccines but yay for bouncing back quickly! :]

    I haven’t watched the Wednesday series yet but it’s on my radar (and ever-growing to-watch list…).

    Yay for getting to run the NYC half marathon!! :] I hope you have a good time with it!

  13. Oh, congrats on NYC! I missed the lottery entry, but think my work schedule will be too busy anyway.

    You have to use your Starbucks birthday reward ON your birthday now — It used to be available for much longer.

  14. I need to watch Wednesdsay.

    I’m sorry you were so sick. Shingles are awful.

    I want to run the NYC half so badly, but I couldn’t make it work for the lottery this year. Spring Break time is hard 🙁

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