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A new year and a new word.  I am definitely looking forward to this year.  These past couple of years have been interesting; hopefully, things will pick up and become more exciting.

Here are a few things I am looking forward to this year:

❇️ Travel.  My last trip was in February 2020 to run the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon.  This year I am planning a trip to NYC and Washington, DC.  I am hoping too to travel to Mexico with my mom.  Once I get more information about a Summer program I did last year, then I will book our flights.  The plan is to stay there for 2-3 weeks.

❇️ Read more books.  Not because of my goal, but because I like to read.

❇️ Running more races.  Thinking about it makes me more excited.  I would like to run a race in all distances except the marathon.  Hopefully, when I finish my race in Washington, DC, I can start working again with a coach.  I would love to PR in one or two race distances.  

❇️ Doing more fun things.  It is all about balance.  I’ve been staying in touch with friends via text every day.  I know ideally, it will be best to meet in person but it isn’t always possible.  At least we are having some good conversations and laughs.  Anyway, going back to doing more fun things, I love musicals and would like to see 1 or 2 this year.  Chicago is a great city with many things to see and do.  This Summer I  would like to drive downtown or take the train to sightsee or just hang out.

❇️ The end of the school year.  Is it too early to think about it?  I do like my job.  Teaching is fun.  I enjoy my students, but everything else makes it so hard.  We give so many assessments and it is just ridiculous.  Our students are still behind (we do not need an assessment to tell us that) and that time could be better used for teaching.

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20 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Things I am looking forward to in 2023

  1. All are fun things to look forward to.

    I’m looking forward to sunshine right now!

    Hope we both have a great 2023.

  2. I really hope you manage to go to Mexico! And do Chicago like a tourist! Sometimes when we live in or near a place we miss out on a lot of stuff because we know it’s always going to be there! But being a tourist in your own city can be a great adventure in itself!

  3. I only live an hour or two from three major cities (including Chicago!) and yet I never go to those cities. I really need to plan some more adventures to take advantage of the fun things near where I live!

  4. I think all teachers are looking forward to the end of the year! Or at least spring break. I’m also looking forward to some races and reading more books. I hope you get your fun things in! Yes, Chicago is a great city.

  5. More fun things and travel are definitely on my list. Racing though, I’m actually working on worrying less about racing and more about enjoying my runs. I cannot wait to be running again. I’m also working on being more okay with not running and resting when I need to. (Currently in the injured camp.)

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