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The word “Spring” gets me all excited.  While it isn’t my favorite season, I do like it more than Winter.  Spring gets us closer to Summer and then Fall.  Yes, Fall is my favorite.

Fitness gear isn’t cheap.  Well, it depends on what you buy and whether you pay the full or the sale price.  I usually do the latter unless there is something I really, really like then I will pay the full price.  No matter what, we want to take care of it so that it can last a long time.  Below are a couple of Spring cleaning tips I do for my gear.

🧺 Invest in a good detergent specifically for fitness gear.  I have tried a few brands over the years, but my favorite is “Sport Suds”.  I use it each time I wash my running gear.  A little goes a long way.  I have been using it for years and my clothes do not smell like they used to before.  I am a heavy sweater and my clothes would stink a lot.

🧺 Check if the clothes still fit, has holes, or are too dingy.  I know I just said that fitness gear could be expensive, but why still wear something that is very old with holes or doesn’t fit anymore?  Invest in something new.  You might get lucky and get a good price!  Now will also be a good time to invest in new sports bars.

🧺 Replace your running shoes.  They need to be replaced every 300–500 miles.   I replace mine every 300 miles.  I track the mileage using the Garmin Connect app.  Once they’re no longer usable for running, I use them for work.

🧺 Clean your Garmin device.  I do this more than once a year.  Of course, Spring is the perfect time to do this.  I hand wash the strap.  I also deep clean the actual watch as if I am performing surgery.  OK, not really but you get the idea. 😃

🧺 Clean your treadmill, bike, weights, and any other fitness equipment you own.  Right now the only fitness equipment in the living room is the Peloton bike.  Though at this moment it is collecting dust.  I need to get my act together.  I will, I will.  I wipe off the sweat after each workout, but I need to wipe off that dust and clean it from top to bottom and from left to right.  

The topic for next week:  5 fitness superstitions.  We hope you will link up. 

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  1. oh yes! i forgot about cleaning the equipment as well! I am going to do that this weekend (after I sort out my socks like Jenn suggests in her blog post!!).

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