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I ran my first race of the year in NYC on Sunday.  I got back yesterday and had to go to work for parent/teacher conferences.  It was a long day for me.  Today is an Institute Day.  I have no desire to go but don’t want to take another day off.  We’ll see how it goes today.

Spring is here! That means warmer weather (hopefully) and more races.  Here are my plans for this Spring.

💐 Run the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k (3/26) and the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile (4/2).  Two races in two weeks.  Woohoo!!  There is another race in April (Lakefront 10 miler and 5k) and May (Spring Trail Chase 10K) that I am eyeing.  

💐 Use the Peloton bike.  Right now it is just there in the living room collecting dust.  No bueno.  One way or another I want to fit it into my schedule.   

💐 Walk more.  I love using the run/walk method and that is what helped me get a “decent” finish time on Sunday.  I also enjoy walking for a few minutes after a run.  But a 20-30 minute daily or every other day walk sounds doable and lovely too.

💐 Stretch and foam roll.  We all know it needs to be done.  😊

💐 Be consistent with running.  I need a plan.  Not sure if I want to work with a coach or do my own thing.  While I have no plans for a marathon, I am still toying with the idea of a 50k.  My last two attempts failed but hopefully, the third one will work out.  The one I am thinking of doing is in October so there is plenty of time to get ready for it.

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12 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My Spring 2023 running plans

  1. I feel the same about a plan or a coach.

    And walking. I’m definitely going to do run/walk to get back in shape.

    Congrats on your nyc race. Sorry I didn’t see you.

  2. Congrats on your NYC race! I hope you will tell us more about it!
    Your spring plans look great.
    As I was telling Kim, I love the idea of daily walks. I do that a lot (but not daily) and I find them very calming.

  3. You have some good goals! The races you have planned sound exciting, and I’ll bet you could train for that 50k over the summer. Of course you’ll be dealing with the heat then (I have some tips if you need them!)
    i’m thinking spring break must be coming up for you- hang in there! You’ll get a well-deserved break soon.

    • Training over the Summer is not fun but I am more worried training when it is time to go back to work. That leaves me more exhausted. At least during Summer Break I can go back home and rest.

  4. You are lucky to have so many racing options available. I’m glad the NYC went well for you. As for walking, I’m a HUGE fan. I love walking for 2-3 miles after work most days, especially in the summer. It’s a perfect way to unwind from the day!

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