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I am going to deviate from this week’s topic to write about the NYC Half Marathon.  It was my first race of the year and my first half marathon in 3 years.  I’ve entered the lottery many times but was never selected.  This year was THE year to go!

Here are some fun things about the race:

🗽 It is a tough course and I didn’t train like I wanted to.  I had a training plan and was determined to follow it but I missed a few runs.  I paid for it.  I walked a lot but at the same time did better than expected.  I was surprised when I saw the finish time on my watch.  It isn’t my worst time.

I used a 5:1 run/walk method.  For the most part, I followed it but there were times when I walked more than run.  

🗽 It was freaking cold and windy in the morning.  I was in Wave 3 with an 8:20 am start time.  I stayed with my nephew in Brooklyn and arrived before 7 am.  I checked my bag and then went through security.  From there it was a 1.5-hour wait time.  I was miserable.  I had a mylar blanket and waited in the sun and those two things helped.  I knew I would warm up once I began running.  I wore a jacket and kept it on until past mile 12 when running in Central Park.

I also wore shorts and I know that didn’t help in the morning.  I had pants on but took them off when I checked my bag.  I should have worn another pair to throw away once the race began.

🗽 It was my first time running in Central Park.  I’ve heard so much about it and was excited to run there.  I walked a few times but don’t know why I didn’t take more photos.

I remember people telling me that I was almost at the finish.  I saw a sign letting me know I still had 800 meters to go.  Then either another sign or someone telling me I had a quarter mile to go.  I was so close to the finish line.  I ran as fast as I could and saw my nephews and one of their girlfriends with about 100 meters to go.  

🗽 There was amazing crowd support!  I am glad I didn’t listen to music like I usually do.  I soaked it all in.  My favorite part was running in Times Square.  The crowd and the lights were magnificent!

🗽 This race gave me a chance to visit my nephews and explore the city.  The last time I was in NYC was in 2008.  It was definitely time to go again.  We had bagels and coffee for breakfast.  For lunch and dinner, we ate Thai food, hot dogs, pizza (was not impressed with the NY style), Szechuan, and sushi.  We went to the 9/11 Memorial and to see “The Book of Mormon”.  Oh, and I drank a lot of beer! 

Will I do it again?  Maybe. 

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20 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 things about the NYC Half Marathon

  1. Your weekend sounded perfect. I wish we got to meet. Hopefully at another race.

    You did great in the race and also really took advantage of being in NYC. It’s not all about running.

    Come back again.

  2. I always struggle with what to wear at cold races. I cannot ask other runners for advice because I know I like to dress warmer than most runners. I am going to have to get a mylar blanket to throw in my running bags.

    Great job finishing! It’s hard finishing when you’re struggling, but you did it!

    • I just wished I had throwaway clothes. That would have made waiting for the start time more bearable. The blanket helped a little but the wind was just brutal.

  3. Congratulations! It sounds REALLY fun, except for the cold at the start. Better than being too hot, I guess. So you didn’t like NY style pizza? It’s definitely different from Chicago pizza!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the race!! And your visit to NYC (though if you don’t like NYC pizza… I’m not sure we can be friends – LOL!) Despite the tough course and windy conditions, it was a really fun day! I love the energy and I thought it was well organized. I’m sorry that I missed you in the holding area. We were there from 7 – 7:30, too.

    • The pizza was good but I like mine to be thicker. Just something I am used to. It was well organized and I was very impressed with everything. I was hoping to run into you on race morning.

  5. Love this! I would love to run a race in NYC. It’s my favorite city and it just sounds so epic. I can’t imagine how cool it would be to run in Times Square. Congratulations on a job well done!

  6. I’d love to run this one but this time of year is tough, weather-wise! Great job persevering through it. Looks like you had such a fun weekend exploring the city too!

  7. I HAAAAATE those meters to go sign. Hate hate hate.
    So glad you were able to run this. Wish we could have met up. Next time!

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