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I had so much fun writing this post last year so we are doing it again.  However, the questions here are not running-related.  They’re from a set I bought from TpT for my students.  My students had a great time when we did this on Friday.  Also, they’re in Spanish so I had to translate them.

Would you rather?

Have 20 mosquitos or 2 spiders follow you all day.  I don’t like either of them but I would prefer to have 2 instead of 20 things following me.

Run on the grass or on the sand.  On the sand.

Vacation on a beach full of people or on a deserted island.  A deserted island.  I would need my phone, a few books, and a TV.

Never watch TV or never eat sweets.  Never eat sweets.

Live in a zoo or in a museum for one month.  In a museum.  

Play in the park or visit a museum.  Visit a museum.

Go to the zoo or a water park.  Water park.

Eat only cookies or ice cream all Summer.  Ice cream.  Chocolate with nuts and whipped cream, please.

Play a board game or watch a movie.  Watch a movie.

Have a crab or a sea horse as a pet.  A sea horse.

Play with bubbles outside or draw with chalk on the sidewalk.  Play with bubbles.

Live in a boat or a tree house all Summer.  A tree house.

Have sand in your hair or in your feet.  My feet.

Eat watermelon or corn all Summer.  Corn with all the toppings (mayonnaise, butter, lemon, cheese, and chile).

Have your body turn blue or your hair turn purple every time you get wet.  Purple hair.

Be a mermaid or shark all Summer.  A mermaid.

Eat a burnt hamburger or a burnt marshmallow.  Burnt marshmallow.

Jump on a trampoline or ride in a canoe.  Jump on a trampoline.

Play volleyball or play with water balloons.  Play with water balloons.

Find a snake or a skunk in the woods.  Oh boy!  I am terrified of both but would rather find a snake.

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10 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Would You Rather-Summer edition

  1. Oh, these are some great questions!
    I would rather run on grass than sand and eat only cookies all summer. For some reason, I don’t really like ice cream.
    Do you plan do visit some museums this summer?

    • Wait, you don’t like ice cream? Wow! I’ve been to most of the museums here in Chicago. The one I would like to go is the Art Institute. I need to find out if they still offer a teacher discount.

  2. great questions… I agree with many of your answers.

    but I prefer watermelon to corn, board games to TV

  3. These are really fun questions! I had to think hard about the burnt food question, but I would also pick burnt marshmallow.

  4. Well, your questions are a lot more pleasant than Kim’s! If I had 20 mosquitos follow me all day I would be eaten alive, so I choose spiders. I would rather run on the grass (I’ve had enough sand running lately) and I would choose snake, museum and ice cream!

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