GARC17-4On Friday, July 21, a friend (Meghann) and I set out on trip of a lifetime to Alaska!  We signed up for this trip in August 2016.  I remember thinking that July was so far away and I began to get more and more excited once I was done with school (early June).

The trip we took was The Great Alaskan Running Cruise.   The dates for 2018 are July 20-27. If this trip is on your bucket list, go ahead and sign up as it is worth every single penny.


The hosts are John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield.  They’re funny and pleasant.  They always made time to talk to everyone in the group and made everyone feel welcomed.  I did not know that they were married to each other (Meghann told me) and I laughed when during one of the sessions, John made it clear to everyone that they were married to each other and were not hooking up.  🙂

GARC17-1I love how there was constant communication about the trip.  There were emails from Jenny and Mike (Running Cruise Account Manager) and they answered every single question and/or concern.  They were both on top of things to make sure this trip went as smooth as possible.

There is also a private Facebook group that you can join and “meet” other runners going on the cruise.  Again, John, Jenny and Mike also answered all questions from the runners. They also posted important files such as list of excursions, itinerary, etc, so you can easily get to them.  All of those documents were also sent via email, but those tend to get lost with the hundreds of emails we have in our inbox, so it was great to have them in one central location.

I will be writing a post for each day of the trip.  I hope you enjoy it just like I enjoyed this trip.



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