Hey there!  It is Tuesday again and almost the end of August.  The days and weeks are definitely going by too fast.  September is around the corner and that will leave us with 4 months left for 2019.  🙂

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To date I’ve run over 150 races ranging from 5ks and ultra marathons.  I’ve also done two relay races (Ragnar Relay Chicago and Illinois Marathon Relay).  Right now I am focusing on completing my goal of running a half marathon in each state.  I have 10 more to go.  However, there are a few races I would love to run one day.

Boston Marathon
It seems like almost every runner would love to do this race.  However, the qualifying times still make it difficult for me.  Remember, I am a “slow” turtle.  Right now I need a 3:55 to qualify but most likely need a 3:50 to maybe guarantee a spot.  A big maybe.

Boston Marathon.jpg
Source: https://www.baa.org/

Marine Corps Marathon
I’ve run this race before but now I would like to run it “officially”.  Enough said, you get my point.  Once I am done with my goal, this is the marathon I plan to run.

Marine Corps Marathon.jpg
Source: www.marinemarathon.com

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Miler
I love running in DC and enjoy 10 mile races.  These two make the perfect race.  I know so many people that have run this race and have enjoyed it.  I want to be a part of it too.  Next year’s race will be on April 5th with the lottery opening up in early December.  A lottery for a 10 miler race?  Yep, it is that popular.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.jpg
Source: http://www.cherryblossom.org

Little Rock Marathon
I ran the half marathon in 2013 but when I saw the medal for the marathon, I knew I had to go back one day and run the marathon.  That thing is as big as your face! 


Yes, only 4 races on my list.  Have you run any of those races?  What’s on your bucket list?
Tuesday Topics

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20 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My bucket list races

  1. I ran my bucket list race, Big Sur, 3 years ago. After that, the dilemma was what next? Of course I wanted Boston but never qualified. Now I just want to run another half.

  2. All good races! I’d love to run Boston one day but I am also pretty far off a qualifying time haha. I really would like to run the world marathon majors. There are actually a a lot of marathons on my list haha. Big Sur in California seems really gorgeous and I also think California International Marathon would be a great course for a marathon PR. On my side of the coast I’d love to get a shot at the Dopey Challenge one day.

    • I know Big Sur is a popular one! Oh and Dopey Challenge too. I did Goofy a few years ago and that was quite an experience. It wasn’t horrible but don’t think I would want to do it again. My body will not tolerate running 39.3 miles in two days.

  3. Well, I have run Cherry Blossom and MCM is happening in two months. Boston would be great, but I’d have to knock off a good 30 minutes off my fastest marathon…and that’s unlikely. I really don’t want it THAT bad to assume a nearly 24/7 lifestyle for the four months of training to maybe get a qualifying time.

  4. The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler sounds like such a great race. Boston — totally out of my reach (even if I did run a marathon, LOL).

    There are so many races I’d like to do, so many states where it’s really hard to choose! I hope you get to do at least some of these (sounds like you will).

  5. That Cherry Blossom one looks amazing! It must be if it’s a lottery.
    If you really want to run Boston I bet you can. I recommend a Revel marathon because they are downhill races and gravity is your friend when you want to run fast.

  6. Well coincidentally, I am in Little Rock as I write this! I just got back from a 6-mile run in the brutal heat and I can see why they do their marathon when they do! I’ve done the Marine Corps Marathon and the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and loved them both. I will never qualify for Boston but by hook or by crook I will some day run it!

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