I thought I had pretty much everything I needed for my running hobby.  I have a Garmin watch that I love.  I have great Oiselle gear for all of the crazy Chicago weather.  I also have beautiful and comfortable Brooks running shoes.  However, now that I think about it, there are a few more things I would like to have/get.

• A treadmill – I do have a gym membership but sometimes it is even too cold to go to the gym.  Remember the polar vortex we had last month?  Yesterday was another cold day and I did not want to go outside.  But I did go to the gym and ran 4 miles.

Chicago Weather-1

• A Peloton bike – I have heard so many great things about it.  I know Kim and Deborah have one and I want one too.  Yeah, I would set that up next to the treadmill.


• Race entries – I know many races are cheaper than others (I have paid about $40 for an ultramarathon) and then there are those that are just ridiculously expensive!  I have a few more half marathons to sign up for to finish my Race in the 50 states +1 goal (need GA, HI, ID, KS, NM, ND, SD, and WY). This year I signed up for 3 half marathons through BibRave and one that I signed up for as soon as registration was up on the website.  I paid $42 (not including fees).  Still a great price!

• To be a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador – I know I will never be picked as one but it is an ambassadorship that I really, really want.  I love their shoes and wear them on every run.  Currently I have 3 pairs in rotation and yesterday ordered the Glycerin 17.  Those are the shoes Desi Linden runs in so if they are good enough for her, then they are also good enough for me.

Brooks Shoes-10.jpg

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24 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My running wish list

  1. I would love a Peloton bike! I just can’t see spending the money. We have a pretty nice treadmill but it’s 19 years old, so I’m sure we’ll be in the market for a new one soon. I somehow choose the really expensive races, so race entries would be a definite on my wish list!

  2. I have a treadmill and I’m glad. When my old one died, I wasn’t sure if I should replace it, since I didn’t use it much. But this winter changed all that!

  3. Having a treadmill at home is clutch for me, especially in the Winter. Like you said, sometimes it’s so cold you don’t feel like going to the gym.

    Being a Brooks Run Happy ambassador is a good one! I always love all the swag that they get 🙂

  4. Race entries are getting more and more costly, so that’s a good one to pick! The Peleton bikes do look sweet but I really like the vibe of my indoor cycling studio — I wouldn’t be able to crank up the music that loud at home!

  5. Funny you should mention treadmill…just last night I (finally) had a great treadmill run. Of course, that’s kind of a once in a lifetime experience (for me, at least), so it’s doubtful I’ll ever have it happen again LOL I also love the Brooks shoes! I’ve gone through several generations of the Adrenalines and a pair of the Ravennas.

  6. Z, I have pretty much the same wish list as yours. Over the last few months I’ve been thinking about how not only it would be more convenient to have both the treadmill and Peloton machine at home, in addition to the fact that after about 4 years they would pay for themselves with the savings in monthly gym membership fees I ciuld eliminate. I guess the only downside to that would be that after a number of years they would become outdated and I’d have to replace them, but if I can get about 10 years or so from each, then it is all probably worth it.

    • I agree with you but those machines usually have a long life span (assuming you take good care of them). Many times I just hate going to the gym and “sharing” the treadmill. 🙂

  7. I do like Brooks. I don’t love them like I do my Newtons, but they’re my other go tos. Being an ambassador for them would be sweet. 🙂

    I have many, many states to go. I’ve paid everything from about $40 to $125 for halfs, usually probably falling n the middle from 50-60 but most of the time we choose smaller halfs which tend to be less expensive.

    • One summer I ran in Newtons and actually liked them. Took some time to get used to them.

      I think between $50-$60 is the ideal price for a half marathon. Now prices for some of these marathons are just as insane.

      • I’m lucky that I adapt to minimalist shoes without much problem. I can’t run in them for every run, though, and that’s why I rotate through Brooks (or Mizunos) but the heaviness & built up heels annoy me!

  8. One of the things I love about my new gym is how close it is to work & home because there are some days it’s just too cold. While in-house treadmill/bike not possible for me *small NYC apartment), I wish my gym had a Peloton. That would be fun
    The registration fees for some races kill me. Not the ones that go to race running, but the admin fees. Ooph. One had almost $10 in fees

  9. I just started running in the Glycerin as well and so far I like them. I do so love the Peloton bike hope one comes your way sometime. Thanks for the linkkup

  10. I heard that the Peleton bike is amazing, but I’d just love to have a high quality treadmill at home! I haven’t worn Brooks in a few years so I’m looking forward to the new Glycerins!

    • Are you testing them through BibRave? I opted in but didn’t get selected.

      I guess if I were to choose between either the bike or the treadmill, I would choose the treadmill too.

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