This week’s Tuesday Topic:  Brag Time: Share some of your most popular running related blog posts!  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

Last year I wrote a similar post – My most popular running related blog posts.  Today I am going to focus on only 5 Tuesday Topics posts.  It was so much fun checking out past posts from this linkup and others in general.  At one point I was writing about my training to get a BQ!  Ha, who knows if that is something I will consider again.

I walked 610,966 steps in the StepBet Challenge!  Published on 2/2/2019.  It was a fun challenge!  I didn’t care too much about winning money but I also didn’t want to lose the $40 I paid.  I haven’t done another one of these again but now am thinking about it.  I will be going back to school next month and most likely will be walking a lot more.  Have you participated in a StepBet Challenge?

Thankful for running.  Published on 11/24/2020.  I will always be thankful for this hobby of mine.  But it was during that year that I was even more thankful for running.  It has gotten me through some very tough times whether it was personal or work related.

What I bring along on my run.  Published on 3/19/2019.  I have made a few changes since this post was published.  I sold my lightening layers and got the Noxgear vest.  Sometimes I forget my pepper spray.  I definitely run with my Road ID and a Koala Clip (instead of a running belt).  Depending on my runs I wear the Oiselle pocket joggers and I store my water bottles in the pockets.

My cold weather running essentials.  Published on 2/19/2019.  Just thinking of cold weather makes me shiver.  Haha.  Last year I was outside running every single day during the Winter.  This year I was not brave enough to get out there.  I know the right gear makes a big difference.  I have added an insulated Vim jacket and fleece lined tights from Baleaf.  Let’s see if I will be brave again this Winter.

Publix Atlanta Half Marathon Race Recap.  Published on 3/3/2020.  A HILLY race!  This race was after the Olympic Marathon Trials so it was a fun weekend.

Topic for next week – Ask someone who’s been struggling to share their story.  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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19 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My Top 5 Tuesday Topics Posts

  1. I remember that Atlanta Half Marathon recap! It was a fun read.
    I’m like you with cold weather – that photo of you in the snow makes me shiver!
    I don’t know how you could get out every single day last year. It’s very cool, though, and I hope you can repeat it again one day.

  2. You just reminded me how Winter is my least favorite running season, LOL. We suck it up and bear it, though, don’t we 😉

  3. This a great idea for a post. I love reading older posts..

    I have no idea which post if any have gotten a lot of views.

    Someday I will take a look.

  4. You have some great blogs featured here! I remember reading your Publix Half Marathon race recap and learning about all the hills in Atlanta!

  5. It’s always great fun to see what others are interested in reading on blogs! Obviously gear posts are popular on yours, LOL! Maybe after taking most of the Winter off last year, you’ll be ready to tackle it next year!

  6. Oh, that is so cool you were in Atlanta for the Trials! I watched it on TV, but I would love to spectate it live one of these years. I don’t think that course was wildly popular, so I’m thinking it will be somewhere else next time.
    Interesting to see which posts are popular, right? You have two gear posts in the top five!

  7. My winter running posts are always well read. I’m not sure if people are looking for another crazy runner to validate them or if they really want to learn about running in the cold, lol

  8. It’s always fun to look back at our old posts, isn’t it? My two most popular had nothing to do with fitness. One is My Favorite Walked into a Bar Jokes and gets lots of daily hits. The other was What it’s Like to be a Hokie and got a ton of hits the day I posted it because a student at Virginia Tech saw it and shared it, and it spread like crazy!

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