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March is almost over which means April is almost here.  That means Spring Break is around the corner!  One week off to relax and enjoy.  I am not going anywhere and that is OK with me.  I want to stay home.  

Let me tell you about how March went for me:

Mileage:  It wasn’t low but neither high.  As of today, I’ve run 59.62 and walked 1.87 miles.  There are still a few more days this month so I am sure those numbers will go up.  

Current Book:  I finished reading “Three Sisters”.  Wow!  Beautiful and sad book.  I cried many times while reading it.  The love among the sisters was so strong while going through a horrific time.  

I am currently reading “The Husbands”.  It is book #8 for this year.

Current Shoes: Still running in the Brooks Ghost.  I need to retire these soon.  I also have the Launch 9 and the Hyperion Tempo.  I’ve been eyeing another pair of the Ghost but will not buy them yet.  Nope, self-control.  

2023 Running Goal:  My goal this year is to run 800 miles.  It is about 67 miles per month.  Total mileage to date is 138.07.  It is low but I know I can make it up in the upcoming months.  As long as I stay healthy and injury free, I am confident I will reach my goal.

Injuries: None.  The hip is better.  It isn’t 100% better but not as bad as before.

Races:  I ran two this month – NYC Half Marathon and Shamrock Shuffle 8k.   Both went well and I did better than expected.  My running/training hasn’t been great but I am pleased with how I did.

School:  Almost less than 2 months to go.   Right now what keeps me going is knowing that I am off next week.  I think my students need a break too…from me.  

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Health:  The hot flashes continue.  It is awful!  I got some bloodwork drawn and found out that my HBa1c has increased.  That worries me because I don’t want it to get higher and be diabetic.  I’ve been eating pretty much the same (in December my HBa1c was 4.9) but do wonder how much my lack of running has caused it to increase.  I’ve been more stressed than usual and haven’t been sleeping well because of the hot flashes.

March was OK.  Hopefully, April is better.  I was supposed to run the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile but have decided not to make the trip to Washington DC this weekend.  There is one race I want to do next month.  I know I keep talking about it and now just have to sign up.  I may do just well just like my last two races, right?

The topic for next week – Today is National Vitamin C Day, how do you get your vitamin C?  Feel free to write about this or any running-related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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13 Comments on Tuesday Topics: March 2023 Review

  1. Well done! Yes, sign up for that race if you’re not doing the Cherry Blossom race. You’re doing well right now.
    Glad that your hip is better, too!

  2. We have the same mileage goal.

    One year I want to go to DC for that race.

    Congrats on your two races. Remember finishing is winning.

  3. I hope your spring break goes well, you’ve earned some R & R 😉 Sorry we won’t see you in DC this weekend…

  4. Wow, your spring break is late! My husband and daughter are done with their’s, and I always feel like the rest of the school year passes in a blur.
    Glad your hip is better! And yes, your mileage goal is totally doable. Especially with more time to run in the summer coming up.
    Congrats on your races! That’s two more than I ran this month.

  5. The hot flashes sound so awful. I’m so sorry. Hoping you find some way to ease them.

    Your goal of 800 miles this year sounds amazing!

    Have a wonderful spring break!

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